Name Analysis


Happy-go-lucky, good natured, and expressive, these people are usually the life of the party. They love arguments and, having very imaginative and quick minds, they find it very easy to hold their own in debate, not always upon logic and reason, but because theirs mind are too quick for the average person to pin down to a particular issue. They can avoid issues with great ease and ofttimes unobservably. They are extremely emotional, and at times, can exhibit a strong temper in which they can be extremely sarcastic saying things for which they are later sorry. However, there is one saving virtue: they can be sorry very quickly and they are not afraid to say so. They are so quick minded that there are time when they can be somewhat intolerant of others and the hurtful words are out before they have a chance to really think about what they want to say.

They are very versatile people and express more along the artistic and creative lines, desiring an occupation where they are free to follow creative ideas in contact with the public. They like people and have many friends, although they lose interest in people very quickly, desiring always to make new friends. They crave change and variety. They love to talk and to be the centre of attention and draw others to themselves through their terrific sense of humour, their likable personalities, and desire for amusement. They have a good appreciation of the finer things of life, of music, art, and drama. They love to sing even if it is in the shower!

They are visionary and imaginative, but lack concentration of thought and action. Thus, they do not develop their talents to the degree they should because of procrastination and lack of system. They always mean well, but are too easily led, particularly through the affections, to which they gladly succumb. They love the element of surprise and often act on the spur of the moment.

They could be happy in sales, as radio/TV commentators, in acting, commercial art, journalism, as public speakers, as interior decorators, or following any path that requires creative and artistic ability. They cannot stand monotony. They leave so many things undone because of boredom. These people find it almost impossible to conform to time and routine.

Through tension or over-indulgence in wrong foods, they could experience skin or liver problems. They love to eat and keeping the weight to a normal range is sometimes a challenge.

Other names may help to offset the inconsistent and unsystematic qualities; otherwise, many things are started and not completed.

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