Name Analysis

Arthur, Paul, Claud, Prudence, Georgiana

These people experience opposing qualities in their natures: the desire for system, concentration, settled conditions, and step-by-step progress, and the urge for change and new experiences. As a result, they do not find it easy to be happy and content but feel frustration at times in trying to understand their turbulent feelings and thinking. They are analytical and matter-of-fact, and have interests along scientific, technical, or mathematical lines. They enjoy hobbies that are creative but practical. Unless they have other qualities in their names that offset the practical influence, these names do not allow them fully to develop their depth of appreciation for philosophy, music, or the arts. Although they are curious about life, they must first be interested in a subject through facts and details before they will pursue a line of thought. Obscure theory and imaginative speculation are not of interest to them. They could be exceptionally brilliant in any subject or activity that holds their interest. They are exacting, capable, and efficient, appreciating routine and a certain consistency of effort. Efficiency is important to them. It is difficult for them not to become irritated by the ineptitude and carelessness of others.

When given a challenge, they are thorough, persistent, and conscientious, but once the challenge wanes, it becomes an aggravation to carry on. They scatter their efforts and find it extremely difficult to finish what they start. That is when their qualities of impatience and discontent may express, and they begin to desire something new to offset the feelings of limitation and restlessness they are experiencing. On the other hand, many times they are taken into new experiences before they have had a chance to complete a current undertaking satisfactorily, and that also creates frustration. However, they can be rather impulsive and there are times they make decisions and regret them. Rarely does an accomplishment bring them satisfaction, as they are extremely analytical and demanding, of both themselves and others.

The practicality of their names inhibit their deeper, softer, affectionate feelings towards others. They are inclined to be candid in speech and manner. They show their love for family and friends in what they do for them rather than what they say. Delicate matters are not easy for them to handle with finesse.

They enjoy the outdoors and could excel in sports activities. They have boundless ingenuity and nervous energy. Sometimes they find it hard to relax their mind or body unless they have reached the point of exhaustion.

Mostly they appreciate a settled home environment, an occupation that carries a certain challenge and opportunities to develop practical skills. However, because of the opposing qualities in their natures, rarely are they completely satisfied with their lot in life. Being independent and somewhat set in their ways, they do not change their mind readily once they have formed their opinions. This turmoil of opposing forces affects their nervous systems, causing tension in their stomachs, and intestinal or generative organs.

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