Name Analysis


Dynamic, energetic, active, and independent, these people love their freedom. They have a keen desire to help humanity, to right the wrongs, and to eliminate repression. They desire to create something better in life. They champion the rights of the underprivileged and can be fiercely loyal. Their causes often include assisting children and animals, specializing in some particular field of endeavour. Quick, clever, versatile, and analytical minds, they find satisfaction in handling challenges and appreciate when they are trusted. As long as their independence and sense of freedom are not curtailed, they can assume great responsibility. If it is forced upon them, they rebel. They love to do things on the spur of the moment and woe to anyone who stands in the way or interferes. Interference causes them to become very moody and depressed. That is the reason they leave home early in life to make their own way.

They often learn their lessons through hard knocks and bitter experiences, as they generally tend to resent advice from others. They want to experience life in their own way. It is not easy for these people to merge with others because of their extreme independence and because they are very particular. Others seldom measure up to their expectations.

They are generous in assisting the less-fortunate, but many times they suffer disappointments in people and shattered ideals. Their naiveté, at times, in assessing others plus their impulsiveness and daring qualities could cause them to be drawn into the wrong experiences. When reality sets in, they suffer devastation and disappointment. This then leads to cynicism and intolerance of others. They seldom forget an injustice!

At times, they are very intuitive in their assessment of others and experience premonitions that are often correct. This attribute combined with their quick minds helps them out of many a difficult situation. They have a rather sardonic sense of humour but do not appreciate jokes being played on themselves. They can be easily and deeply hurt, as their feelings are extremely sensitive. Despite their desire for freedom, they can be overly-possessive and jealous.

They love the freedom of the outdoors and pitting their wills against the elements of nature. Many people with these names gravitate to active sports as a release for their intense energy. Being creative they could excel in music, drama, the arts, or in design. If they believed in the benefits of a product, they could be excellent promoters and sales people. Many times they do not finish what they start as they loathe monotony and being hindered by too much detail, which cause extreme frustration and unhappiness. They love change and travel.

Having sensitive stomachs, these people must watch what they eat. Their intensity causes suffering through stomach ailments, throat problems, and nervous disorders.

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