Name Analysis


These people have clever, quick minds, dynamic and intense personalities. They seek something new, something different, and look at life from a non-traditional perspective. They have an intense urge for something they never seem to find. They should never be put in positions involving detailed, monotonous routine, as their intense natures require creative outlets for accomplishment and progress; otherwise, moods and depression may result. As they are ambitious and self-reliant, they can accomplish anything as long as it holds their interest. They live ideas night and day, or else lose interest completely. Many times their success has been limited by their love of freedom and new experiences, thus causing them to make changes that prevent reaping the full benefits of previous efforts. They will not be bound to monotony. They have musical, artistic, and creative ability and can be exceptionally ingenious, original, and even brilliant in their ideas. They desire change and many times they are not afraid to try out new ideas.

Being charitable, they will go out of their way to help others and champion those in less fortunate circumstances. They abhor injustice and repression. Much about the state of life today makes them feel disillusioned and cynical. People let them down, as they are inclined to expect others to live by the standards they set for themselves. Being intuitive, they respond to premonitions about situations and people and, many times, they are correct.

Even though they are very analytical and logical, they tend to veer from intense optimism to intense pessimism. When they are discouraged or have been unfairly treated, it is not unusual for them to entertain thoughts of getting even or of wondering if life is worth the effort. They are not inclined to appreciate a joke played on themselves. As they seldom forget injustices and offences, they can carry grudges for years. This name makes them quick-tempered and cuttingly candid when provoked. They will not tolerate being thwarted in their undertakings. In response to a dare, they may, at times, disregard discretion.

The freedom they experience when out in nature brings a sense of harmony. They enjoy being active in sports or in outdoor activities pitting their wits against the elements of nature. They enjoy the challenge of exploring new places, investigating new ideas, meeting new people, and experiencing the lifestyles of others. They have a keen sense of adventure. They are naturally curious about life, always seeking the reason of things.

Their restless, intense qualities may cause health weaknesses to centre in the solar plexus and stomach, causing nervous indigestion, muscular cramps, ulcerated stomach, or moods of depression that may lead to morbid or destructive thoughts.

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