Name Analysis


People with these names have an intense desire for something worthwhile in life, a desire for knowledge, and a desire to be free from binding restrictions. They are independent, capable, and clever, and they work best alone. They do not like to have to accept advice from others but learn best through their own experiences. As long as an activity or occupation holds their interest they will keep at it. If boredom sets in, they become restless and frustrated and seek change. They need creative outlets for their imaginative, analytical, and scientific qualities. They can develop great powers of concentration and could be brilliant in any subject that holds their interest. They love to read and to travel to gain knowledge of life and conditions in other areas of the world. Being impulsive, they sometimes do things without sufficient forethought. As a result, they tend to be accident-prone.

People of few words, they are direct and candid and often create misunderstandings because of their aloof, somewhat secretive, manner. They do not like being questioned about their life and activities. It is difficult for them to be cosmopolitan and easy-going. Yet, they would give anything to be relaxed and communicative. Being loners, they are inclined to be suspicious of others. They do not easily verbalize their deeper thoughts and feelings for fear of ridicule. Deep down, they are very sensitive and easily hurt and offended. Over time when others gain their trust, they will express their deeper side. They enjoy intellectual conversation and dislike superficialities. They desire peace and understanding but many times their lives reveal chaotic conditions. It is far easier for these people to express in writing. Writing is a talent they should develop. They must guard against jealousy and moods of depression. They can be too morose and pessimistic and must work on themselves to be optimistic and happy.

They enjoy the outdoors for the harmony and freedom they feel in activities such as mountain climbing, skiing, fishing, or camping. They are drawn to the beauties of nature, the habits and habitats of animals, the flora and fauna, and they are often concerned about environmental issues.You often find them working for the betterment of life in some way. Being close to nature, they sense the vastness and wonder about the deeper aspects of life. They are drawn to the mysteries surrounding life.

These people recognize the mental turmoil that comes with the pressures of responsibility. They suffer insomnia and/or nervous tension in the stomach and digestive areas of the body when under too much pressure.

A change of name would help to create more buoyancy, greater self-expression, and a happy, peaceful, contented mind.

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