Name Analysis


The possessors of these names are studious and philosophical with a deep appreciation for the beauties of nature. They can be scientific and mathematical as they are interested in knowing and understanding the deeper reasons for life.

However, they often feel very misunderstood and must struggle against self-consciousness and lack of spontaneous expression. They are extremely sensitive and intuitive, tuned so finely to nature that they feel and sense much that they cannot define in words. So often they cannot control these strange feelings which disturb the solar plexus nerves and destroy peace of mind. Early in life they realize their inability to make themselves properly understood and so they learn to keep to themselves. Others think that they overrate themselves and are aloof.

When reprimanded, they take a haughty attitude and refuse to be advised. They are actually very lonely people who crave to be properly understood and loved. Rarely do they find the affection they crave, even from those close, because they are always considered as very cold and unemotional. They find few congenial associations in early life except in books and poetry.

Actually they are very clever, have quick minds, and are very analytical. They excel in arts, music, literature, or drama for, although they lack spontaneity of expression in mundane subjects, they can be very dramatic under the right circumstances. They are sensitive and deeply moved through dramatic and emotional experiences.

Though appearing haughty and cold on the exterior, they may be like a seething volcano inside. It is the frustration of this intense emotional nature that could lead to nervous breakdowns. They must learn to relax and not worry; they must learn not to feel sorry for themselves over silly little things and imagined slights.

They are seldom understood as a marriage partner because they are far too particular over little things and too often retire within themselves for days at a time. Their partners in life never know how to handle their moods. The name creates too much of the "lone wolf" attitude and leads to friction and misunderstandings.

They are very sensitive to environment and can feel it when others have been criticizing; they are too sensitive to outside thoughts. They need self-expression, self-confidence, a more sociable and congenial nature, the ability to make friends and hold them, a more generous and forgiving nature, freedom from moods of depression and self-pity, and more spontaneity.

The weakness in the health is in the heart, lungs, bronchial organs, and the solar plexus.

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