Name Analysis


These people are generous, sympathetic, and idealistic to the point that they often neglect their own duties to help others. The very thought of another's suffering upsets them and can affect their nervous systems. It is difficult for them to remain objective and unemotional about the distress of others. They give much of themselves, and sometimes people take advantage of their sympathies and expect a great deal from them. They can be easily and deeply hurt and offended, but praise and appreciation encourages them and give them confidence.

They love attention. They have charming, affectionate personalities, at home in almost any environment. They enjoy home and family and must be careful of being overly possessive often arising as a result of feelings of mistrust and anxiety. They tend to worry excessively over trifles and unknown factors. Under stressful circumstances, they can be very intense. When they are not relaxed, they tend to become critical, jealous, or temperamental. Consequently, they may have misunderstandings and, on occasion, experience losses in the affections.

Not liking monotony and attention to detail, they find it difficult to systematize their efforts and often overlook business responsibilities and the practical aspects of life. They tend to be impulsive and love the element of surprise. They much prefer to be involved in creative projects, expressing through the arts, music, dancing, or drama, specializing and perfecting their talents. Also, they may find that they enjoy writing, particularly poetry. These outlets provide an expression for their great imagination and vision.

When they are inspired and feel happy, life seems so wonderful, but they can be just as depressed and unhappy when they feel as if everyone is against them. The sensitivity created by these names makes it difficult for them to maintain stability in their thinking. Their motto is Love makes the world go around. When they feel loved and appreciated, or when they are given praise, they can rise to their best, encouraged and satisfied with life. However, there are times when they can feel that the whole world is against them. Their fluctuating moods and petulant qualities create misunderstandings with others. These names intensify their feelings, and so many of their decisions are based on their feelings rather than analysis. They can be easily and deeply hurt, but they are a forgiving nature, not inclined to hold  grudges.

The weakness of these names centres in the nervous system and thus they can experience tension in their entire body. Under stress, they could suffer nervous anxiety, or even breakdowns, strokes, apoplexy or other nervous disorders.

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