Create more Constructive Conditions in One's Life

Excerpt from Answered Through Wisdom, Alfred J. Parker

Question: "When one changes one's name to create more constructive conditions in one's life, is it the sound vibrations of the name or just the psychological influence that affects the individual's brain cells and changes the life pattern?

"Answer: The influence of the change goes deeper than its effect upon the sense of hearing, although sound plays a very vital role in life. It manifests through the principle of mathematics, which is the dimensional law through which all forms of life come into being. Of course, there is form that is not discernible through the eyesight, for instance, energies, sound, odour, and gases; there are light vibrations that we cannot discern through the sense of sight; and there are the emanations or vibrations given off by minerals and other forms of life. The Kabalarian Philosophy concentrates its theory of name influence upon the conscious form of life called mind; it too is form, but of a more abstract nature, i.e., mind is better understood as a spiritual power that, through involution, has become the conscious channel of expression through which abstract or spiritual forces of consciousness may manifest thoughts, experiences, language, and concept through brain impressions. Mathematics measures and defines these different planes of manifestation and, in the case of mind, it classifies the many dimensions of thought and discloses the spiritual power and influence behind or comprising each letter.

Each number or letter is a certain gradation in the scale of being or mathematics; thus, when a name is attached to the brain cells of an individual through the law of association, the individual and collective impressions or vibration of the letters are registered upon the brain cells, thereby creating a specific degree of intelligence relative to the combination of letters. A person without sight, hearing, or speech reacts to his name and becomes the exact type of intelligence relative to the name vibrations, provided the brain can be reached through a touch system of the alphabet. A person living alone in the woods all his life and not hearing the vibrations of his name would still exactly personify the characteristics of the name, and the bodily functions would register the sickness relative to the particular name combination. You see, mathematics is not only a means of measurement of quantity, but is also a measurement of spiritual values; it is the law through which God the Cause becomes effect through language. Although mathematics may be used as a measuring stick to determine the nature and dimension of materiality, each number and letter symbolizes a divine power unto itself; it must be a divine power to create intelligent measurement and analysis. Through analysis one's mind may be revealed.

The Kabalarian Principle of name is not based on euphony, but upon the vibration of intelligence as expressed through mathematics and language attached to the brain cells, through association to create a human mental existence. The keys on a piano do not create a symphony but they set in motion the vibration of sounds emitted by the strings but controlled by the notes: A, B, C, D, etc."

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