Thoughts are Public Property

© Excerpt from the article, Clarification of Thought, Alfred J. Parker

In one's thinking, one should always bear in mind that what one thinks is public property; no one has the claim to complete originality of thought. What concerns you also concerns others; all problems are human problems. Thus if you have the answer to a personal problem, it concerns all human beings; it is the positive of the negative and removes the problem, for no longer is there a mystery. Think always in the spirit of "we"; this is universal thinking and breeds tolerance and understanding. Remember, what makes you happy will also make others happy. So, learn to share in your thinking and actions. We are all our brother's keeper, and evolve only as a family. When someone makes a statement to you, make that personqualify the statement and then you clarify it through analysis, logic, and reason. If someone tells you something— particularly if related to a personwhether in criticism or otherwise, immediately ask yourself: What could be the intent of the remark? Could it be to hurt someone? If so, you are the first hurt because it is intended to poison your mind against right and justice.

Your mind is your life. Do not allow anyone to poison or to distort it. When viewing or thinking a thought, always clarify it for the value of its logic and reason; divest it of imagination, mystery, and all falseness; see the clear intent, whether constructive or otherwise, and never compromise with illogicality; a statement is, or is not. See it for what it really is, and do not attempt to clothe it with personality; this is what so often leads to jumping to conclusions and self-pity.

There is no greater pleasure and privilege than the ability for clear and balanced thinking. It puts everything in its right place and perspective, and eliminates fear and confused thinking.

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