Harmonize to Time

Excerpt from The Cyclic Law, Alfred J. Parker

Time is the unfoldment of the reason of being through its being, the involutionary and evolutionary forces of nature endeavouring to create and mould a constructive pattern of living through the creative mind of mankind. Time is the mathematical and dimensional law of life; it discerns movement and motion in mathematical gradations of time and symbolizes distance, which we term the ages, the quality and nature of which are the sum total of human thinking. Whether an age is primitive, confused, one of murder and repression, chivalry, culture, or of musical and dramatic expression, is the result of human mind. Thus humankind colours the age, and not the age, humankind.

If we are ordained to reach spirituality of mind through an earthly existence, there must be basic laws creating a foundation from which to build a spiritual civilization. Each phase of life, abstract (mind) and finite (materiality) must have its individual laws and expressions of being.

Let us view time as the vehicle of expression, expressing the mathematical gradations of spiritual unfoldment. This we see working through the law of growth in plant life, through which is termed the Cyclic Law.

Cycles have been termed by science as rhythms of nature expressing through mathematical balance pulsating in perfect regularity and bringing specific conditions or qualities of life, such as seasons of growth and of weather and the rhythmic movements of planets and comets. These, and numerous other examples of the cyclic rhythms, bear out how quality or Universal Reason manifests through dimension or form and quantity—called nature and life. This is the proof of the divine intelligence behind all phases of existence.

The greater concept I am endeavouring to paint is that of Divine Consciousness through human mind. Time does not force you to do any specific thing, except to advance in age; neither can mind interfere with or stop time, but we can and must harmonize efforts with it, and do the things relative to it. If each age is supposed to record human growth and achievement, is it not logical that we should create that achievement—a specific age, the things relative to that age? Is this not God's Plan?


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