Greatest Living Power

Excerpt from Thoughts are Things, Alfred J. Parker

The greatest living power in the universe is thought and speech. It is the power that establishes the human being at the top of the evolutionary scale of being, as the steward of the earth having precedent over all things.

The world judges one's quality of intelligence by what one says, which is naturally the result of what one thinks. Unfortunately, the origin of thought and speech is little understood; only the mechanics of the latter as spelling, reading, grammar, punctuation, and the intricacies of literature are really understood. Why and how a person speaks, with certainty or uncertainty, intelligently or otherwise, is still one of the greatest mysteries of life.

Little has been taught about the yardstick of thought and speech, i.e., logic and reason, and that logic is the closest thing to exact truth as is possible on this finite plane of ours.

The quality and experiences of one's whole life depend upon the quality and balance of one's thinking and speech, and these too must have attached to them an ideal which represents a plan or theory of progressive refinement and culture of the mind.

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