Law of Growth

© Excerpt from Life's Purpose by Alfred J. Parker

Life is like a little seed; in its first stage it is a commonplace seed, possibly round and the size of a pinhead, but contained in that little brown object is a power that will unfold, through the law of growth, a beautiful plant thousands of times greater than itself, and containing beauty in the form of a flower and a seed pod with hundreds of seeds like itself. Yet this power within the seed cannot be seen or duplicated through science. Science could duplicate a sunflower seed perfectly in every respect to the original so that an expert could not tell the difference; but there is one intelligence that science and the replica could not fool: the law of growth, because it would not grow a fraction.

Man is like the seed; he contains the source and power of wisdom within himself; it cannot be seen until developed through growth of mind, and then the beauty and wisdom of life becomes paramount in man's thoughts and actions, and he personifies wisdom.

The duality of life has engendered some very complex problems in man's thinking because man's mind in its primitive and early stage of development is very confused through sense and desire, through a very material concept, glorifying the satisfaction of the senses. Not until man has suffered bitter experiences through lack of principle will he depart from the negative path, or error and discord, and attempt to rise above desire and find truth. When man rises above emotion and searches into the mental realm he will learn to know his mission in life, the way of spiritual unfoldment through elevation of the human mind.


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