Mathematics and Human Problems

Excerpt from Life's Purpose, Alfred J. Parker

"What has mathematics to do with human problems?" you may ask.The answer is "Everything." There would be no physical and material existence without it, for it is the law of dimension through which the abstract becomes finite and measurable; it symbolizes the quality and quantity of life, the reason of being and being itself.It is the key to scientific progress in every conceivable form. It is the basic principle of speech this fact is completely overlooked. It is the universal language, the same in all countries, in all ages; it is unchangeable and immutable.

Everything is measured: time, space, density, speed, length, breadth, circumference, vibration, chemical elements, colour, sound, light, odour, explosive power, compression, electricity; liquids are metered; blood is measured and counted; all fluids of the body are tested mathematically. Atmosphere, humidity, heat mechanics, construction, all chemical formulae are mathematical; the heart beats rhythmically or mathematically; blood flows through the body at a certain speed (mathematics). Our feet move one step at a time, and it takes so many steps to cover distance all distance is measurable, or it would not be distance.

The letters of the alphabet all have their specific mathematical position from one to nine; all words are numbered through their letters. The inflection of the voice is measurable.Everything you build or buy is measured not only by its length, bulk, weight, quality, and capacity you can buy milk raw, and then it can be pasteurized or homogenized:these are added which means included (mathematically).

There is not a thing you can speak of that is not basically mathematical, including the monetary values, interest, loans, payments, etc. Our whole body is mathematical dimension because it could not exist outside of dimension even a ghost can be seen, thus showing mathematical dimension. To beg, borrow, or steal includes mathematical qualification, and the state or quality of the mind in each case.No matter how you figure, mathematics is included&mdasheven the quantity and density of the air you breathe, your degree of sight, and the amount of your appetite, or capacity for liquids, the extent of or degree of your smell and taste. Try to separate anything from mathematics and there will not be anything left, not even a degree of your intelligence or sense of humour.

No wonder mathematics is a divine law of being, not merely a man-made principle of measurement. It is truly the universal language.


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