Always Be Happy

Excerpt from The Right Way to Health, Alfred J. Parker

I cannot stress too deeply the importance of one's constructive mental attitude toward life. One only gets out of life what one puts into it; everything must be seeded in different degrees.

Always express happy thoughts and keep an uncomplaining mind. A complaining mind is a destructive one—destructive to health and happiness. How easily we may be made unhappy depends upon the weakness and ignorance of our own mind. Happy thoughts expressed are like the sunbeams that create warmth, that stimulate one's sense of well being and make us feel happy. Give happiness and you will receive it in return: it is a natural phenomenon of a balanced and well ordered mind.

Do not complain; instead seek the solution to the problem and then you can do something constructive about it. This can best be accomplished by forgetting self; too much false value is placed upon self and personality thus developing an overrated and inflated ego that sees all things in proportion to its own ignorance.

Another destructive channel to well-being is comfort; it destroys self confidence and robs one of a sense of responsibility.

There is no greater gift we can bestow upon others than a happy smile and a constructive thought of well-being. To be happy means that one must first have happiness within and this comes only through a balanced mind and wisdom. The greatest word in all languages is understanding. Learn to think about life: the part mankind is intended to play in the scheme of things. Learn to value the principle of relationship, i.e., we are all One Life, One Breath and One God Principle. Therefore, there is good and God in all things. Look always for the good and you will find it along with wisdom.


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