Name Individualizes the Power

Excerpt from Schizophrenia, Alfred J. Parker

The degree of power called mind, depending upon its balanced correlation through the name, affects every part of the anatomy. If a person is balanced, the power flows through in perfect rhythm or harmony; this represents a healthy body and a balanced, happy, intelligent, and constructive mind; otherwise, one has the many forms or degrees of discord called sickness and disease. Where there is much discord and confusion, we have insanity in its many degrees. Herein lies the key to changing the balance, nature, and characteristics; bringing desires and emotions under control, and thus curing insanity. This abstract power called Universal Reason becomes manifest through the human brain cells as it is brought into form through its keyboard of life: mathematics, the alphabet, and name. The name individualizes the power to produce a personality.

Thus we see humanity motivated by divine abstract forces—one's pattern of thinking and physical balance being dependent upon the mathematical balance of the symbols, the letters and name. The proper balance of these forces creates harmony and balance in the bloodstream, in the fluids such as the digestive juices and other chemicals that play their part in proper digestion, and in the activating of all the chemical phenomena of the body. Science has studied only the physical aspect; the scientist observes the chemical formulae relative to each individual function and notes that certain interferences throughout the nervous system react through the bodily functions and cause confusion in the mechanics of the body. Every individual's body vibrates at its own individual vibration, the atoms revolving around the nucleus: mind.

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