A Divine Rule

Excerpt from Schizophrenia, Alfred J. Parker

There are so many phases of life such as science, mechanical, electrical, chemical, and a myriad other technical phases, each phase having its own complicated problems. Then there are social problems such as those of health, both mental and physical; the problems of association; of economics; of education; social welfare; and millions more, each representing an individual path and the particular type of minds that endeavour to find the solutions. Thus each type of problem is entirely different and involves all things relative. Those who might be interested in mechanical and chemical science would not be interested in child welfare or in solving the problem of schizophrenia; (now called Dissociative Identity Disorder) each is lost in his or her own problems. Thus, if a problem is solved in mechanics it would have little constructive bearing upon other phases of life. So we see that solving the major and basic problems of life would seemingly involve millions of problems to be solved one after the other, probably involving centuries and provided that millions of other problems did not arise from those solved. This is the point I wish to make: there must be something lacking in our conception of life, something basic that is the foundation point from which all problems arise, for we know that each generation becomes more deeply involved in material growth.

The Reason for Religious Theories

Let us discount all material problems in scientific research and consider only the human problems of life, for after all, health, happiness, comfort, understanding, and human association, as well as proper educational methods, are the basis of human existence. This is the reason for all religious theories—our attempt to find and establish Christian ideals, and grow mentally and spiritually. If we found our purpose of being and established it basically, then all else would fall into place. We could then deal in materiality and scientific research, but not become lost in its individual problems. All material problems are only incidental to mental growth toward mental perfection. All phases of life must be attached to a constructive ideal. Scientific perfection should be only incidental to mental perfection that we may find our complete fulfilment upon this earth, mentally and spiritually. Happiness, health, understanding, and success should be paramount.

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