Mental Discord

Excerpt from Schizophrenia, Alfred J. Parker

Through mental discord the vibration of the body is changed causing disorder in the chemical processes. For instance, nervous interference can change the chemical formula of the digestive juices and thus interfere with the proper breakdown of the foods in the stomach; this changes the chemical content of the food as it passes into the bloodstream, thus interfering with one's health through starving one's system of the vital elements one needs for health. In this case, the doctor notices the chemical lack and endeavours to feed it into the system via the stomach through concentrated doses of the needed element. This method has not worked out because the interference of the mind and nervous system will still not allow the proper absorption of the concentrated chemical; then again, this is trying to treat effect, not cause. Why not learn more about the mind and the nervous system, the body and its chemical phenomena?

A Divine Rule

All life is but an individualization of the Divine Consciousness or the intelligence of the Universal Mind. We have become lost in this individuality so that we fail to understand whence we came; i.e., we fail to see the forest for the trees. For example, in health, medical science is lost in the many forms of sickness and is trying to find the individual cures for the myriad symptoms, thus bypassing cause for effect.

There is one common basic tie linking all things here upon earth, a common bond between the positive and the negative phases of being. This bond of relativity is a mental phenomenon of balance and harmony, or a divine rule that cannot be ignored: the means of deduction, comparison, perspective, creativeness, mastership, and the ability to walk the middle path. There are so many discords in life, millions of problems that we cannot solve because we have become so lost in each individual phase that we have failed to find the basic yet overall reason for all problems.

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