Learn to Evaluate your Thoughts

Excerpt from Thoughts are Things, Alfred J. Parker

Learn to evaluate your thoughts for what they are worth. Develop a mental pattern of thinking, a standard filled with ideals and constructive and progressive thoughts. You must first visualize what you want and learn to retain a strong, clear mental vision; then create the positive thought of accomplishment. You must create initiative and complete self-confidence in the realization that anything is possible to a positive mind working in conjunction with the Cyclic Law.

Endeavour to change old patterns of thinking; eliminate worry even though you may think you have something to worry about. Learn to relax your mind and concentrate upon a logical solution to your problems. Know that there is an answer to all problems; analyze all possibilities and angles, but with a clear and relaxed mind. Remove all fear thoughts, for they are your most deadly enemy.

You must not be divided in thought; always do your analyzing before action and then when you have committed yourself, carry through without doubt or fear. Never do something and then worry about it. Better it be that you learn to make decisions, even at the cost of mistakes, than remain a negative person who has not sufficient self-confidence or positivity to make a decision unguided. To make a decision and then to dwell destructively upon it with fear or misgivings means that you are cancelling out your plans and actions.

Never say can't or make the statement that nothing ever works out for you. This is why you are reminded that thoughts are things. You make the positive plan; learn completely to visualize its happy and successful conclusion through a clear and unruffled mind. Your future is built upon today's thinking.


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