Abstract Power not Knowable until Expressed

Excerpt from Thoughts are Things, Alfred J. Parker

We often hear the remark that thoughts are things, but many people cannot relate thoughts with things; they feel that thought is an abstract power not knowable until expressed.

Everything upon this earth is a living symbol of an abstract power. No one could define God in tangible terms; yet, we see this divine power of Consciousness manifest in works such as creation, natural laws, and all living phenomena. The reason of being, which is abstract and beyond and above form or the finite plane, must take upon itself form; thus all form is an earthly symbol of an abstract power.

It is only through human mind that the impulses of Universal Consciousness become a mental reality through the human brain cells. Everything, even the most divine wisdom, must use the mechanics of this finite plane in the form of the solar mind, mortal mind, and the human brain cells, to become an actual reality, a symbol, or a thing. Thus thoughts are things, reason brought into reality through the mechanics of our finite plane called life.

If one thinks a thought, an impression, picture, or image is created in one's brain cells and thus an impulse has become a reality—or a tangible thought created in the realm of mind. This picture can be transcribed through speech, and even though not transcribed into actual reality, it may be sensed or felt by another mind who also has its being in the plane called mind. Thus does mind affect mind, sometimes without the use of language. This product of the mind is a living thing having the expressed power of its origin, good or bad. The most vital part of any thought is its intent. The intent represents the plane or quality upon which the thought was created. The intent is the true meaning of.

Do not think thoughts that are not good, for they do not have to be verbally expressed to become a menace to other minds. Thoughts can be felt and translated through affinity and the law of attraction. One wrong thought can attract many other thoughts that can overwhelm and destroy you. Guard your origin of thought that it might not attract disaster.

Mind is the most powerful vibration known; it can permeate anything. How many children suffer through continuous colds, through fevers and strange nervous maladies the origin of which is unknown to doctors? Little do their parents realize that it is their thinking that is affecting the child. When those parents are asked, "Do you quarrel and lose your temper?" and they will reply, "Not in the present of the children. We wait until the child is in bed to air our difference of opinion." How foolish to assume that they can unleash the most powerful force in the universe—mind—in confusion, and not realize that it permeates the whole house and can be felt by the child's mind unconsciously! Positive thinking is mind's protection against negative thoughts and influences.


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