Success, A Natural Objective

Excerpt from Thoughts are Things, Alfred J. Parker

Success is a plane of mind. So is everything else, including the plane of giving. Success is actually a materialization, yet one could not arrive at a destination without following the path that leads to it. Thus you must always think of success as the natural objective; any negative thoughts to the contrary show that something is endeavouring to change the integrity of your mind. One cannot go opposite ways at the same time.

If you have a problem, examine your thoughts and actions, then change your thinking to eliminate the obstacle, and time will do the rest. If conditions have not changed for you as you have desired, then adjust your thinking and your vision, for desire alone is not the answer to a successful conclusion. All life is movement; that is how we see the unfoldment of our efforts. One cannot accomplish by sitting still and waiting for unfoldment to overtake him. Let us emulate life through a moving active mind backed by constructive effort and the will to succeed. Let us remember that unity is strength and power. Let us feel the power of success, and the fulfilment will follow. If your thinking is not constructive and you do nothing to reconstruct your mind and thinking, and still expect your desires to materialize out of nothing, you are fooling only yourself. Thought is the most powerful and vital thing in the universe, for it is the creative power for construction or destruction, and is to universal mind what the pieces of a picture puzzle are to the complete picture.


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