Universal Love

Excerpt from A Universal Perspective, Alfred J. Parker

Universal Love is a knowledge that we are one Breath, one Life, one God. It is the same spirit within everybody, regardless of race, colour, or creed. Universal means without limitations, realizing that we are part of every conceivable thing in the atmosphere, the mountains, the light, every chemical, every mineral, everything we can think of. We are all part of it. There is every mineral in our bodies that there is in the ground, and we breathe the energies of the atmosphere into our bodies with our breath, and therefore we are part of everything.

The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches always to be the same. Never allow your thoughts to be confused when you have a disagreement. Consider how it started; most times it started from nothing. Someone felt out of sorts and one person retaliated against the other. Then you have a major issue out of nothing when faced with reality. Always keep your mind the same, always be happy, always have a smile for people. The size of your problem depends upon the state of your thinking, your analysis. Problems today often look enormous; three months from now you will be laughing at them.

Universal love is expressed when we try to rise above idiotic things, try to make our living logical, our actions and thinking logical. Universal love is to realize we are all one, to respect our fellow human beings, utmost respect for everybody, regardless. Some people think universal love means falling in love with everybody. It has nothing to do with that kind of love.

Love is a state of giving. We are only individual and personal to the extent that we are responsible for our own lives, for our own thinking. We are trying to raise our minds above the finite stage to the universal stage where we realize our personal responsibility to the world and life. Our minds, whether universal or finite, are only a quality of thinking and when we are born into a civilization, a terrific amount of individuality plus a basic Principle is required to rise above its influence.

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