Mankind's Heritage

Excerpt from A Universal Perspective, Alfred J. Parker

Every human brain is as a receiving set; it receives impulses through the mind, which is a channel--or should be—for Universal Consciousness, to the degree that the mind is balanced. Were minds completely balanced, through the observance of the natural laws, through dietetic principles (for a perfectly healthy body through a clean bloodstream), and through knowing the proper relation of deep breathing to a healthy body and the vitalization of the brain cells and clarity of thinking, then would we be living our spiritual destiny. Thus would we truly be the eyes, ears, and mouthpiece of Divine Consciousness upon the earth, and life would be a veritable heaven upon earth. For this was humankind born; this is our stewardship.

God, the Principle of Universal Consciousness is the Reason of Being, and every individual born upon this earth has a reason for being: to be a channel for this divine power. Everyone has the very reason of being within; we are the reason and should be the reality of it, but herein lies the reason of human degeneracy from our birthright. When Consciousness becomes involved in life, it has reversed its status from a state of allness to a state of oneness of individuality and personality. Thus are we separated from God Consciousness with its allness, and represent only a seed or a minute fragment of the whole.

Through the growth of this seed of individual consciousness, through the balance and growth of mind where mortal mind is lifted above the mundane or common things of life to a more universal concept, mind rises above mortal concept; and thus is the link between mind and Universal Consciousness forged. We are now growing toward our heritage as the steward upon the earth.

Such mental growth comes through greater perspective: when we visualize our potential, see a logical reason of being, and seek to understand the law governing our very being and the evolution of his mind to a greater and higher plane of existence. Through perspective and logical, analytical deduction, we can learn to understand the underlying principles of life so that we may live an exemplary life, finding peace of mind, and expressing love and service, and thus eliminating all the problems, confusion, and obstacles that often beset the journey through life.


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