What is the Kabalarian Definition of Love?

The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches that we are all from the same source-what Kabalarians call Universal Consciousness-a plane of universal intelligence beyond form and dimension. Each person is linked to the source through the spark of life (potential) seeded with the first breath of life. Life's efforts should be toward the nurturing of that potential to grow through stages of physical, mental, and spiritual development to bring the potential to full expression through mind back to the plane of Universal Consciousness. The spiritual definition of love is based on the universal understanding of the potential within all people and the importance of united effort.

Throughout our lifetimes, we learn of the many faces of love-maternal, paternal, sexual, unconditional, unrequited, aesthetic, etc., but on its highest level, in the universal sense, love is a cohesive power. It is a universal energy, that when expressed through each of us, strives to unify and to harmonize, so that when we are united, we work together well, we respect each other, and want to help each other. It is like the energy that keeps the neutrons and protons revolving around the nucleus. Unfortunately, universal love is not practised everywhere. Love, to be experienced on the highest level, requires personal disarmament of negative emotion—hate, anger, resentment, lust, greed, and the innumerable lower expressions of emotion.

Each of us, although unified through that spark of life at birth, is individual and separate—we are of different colours, nationalities, languages, and cultures. The names we are given bestow upon us specific mental qualities that may differ from other family members and friends. We walk our own paths in life. Working to unify our efforts with others throughout our lifetime is one of the biggest challenges of life.

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