What is the Mathematical Principle?

The Mathematical Principle is the means by which we measure life. Mathematics is not just a bookkeeping system. All forms of life represent dimension. All dimension is subject to measurement, whether we measure it or not. Science mathematically measures all matter and form, whilst a Kabalarian student learns to measure the spiritual and intellectual qualities of mind. How everything lies veiled in numbers is the wisdom of the Kabalarian Philosophy. Mathematics is the universal measurement through which all the secrets of nature are discovered. Mathematics is the infallible Principle which enables science to measure everything according to its vibration, to segregate and to recorrelate the elements of nature, and thus to create new forms of matter.

The Kabalarian Philosophy reveals the intelligence behind numbers and letters. Through the law of vibration we realize the relationship between the name, the mind, and all the functions of the body. Our brain cells are motivated by the forces of intelligence released and expressed through the vibrations that are set in motion by the attachment of a name. Our speech comes spontaneously because it represents the awakening and expression of these forces of intelligence which are released by the symbols called language. In the same way, the notes on a piano, when struck, cause the vibrations of the strings to be released and expressed in the form of sound, which we call music.

The forces of language, when used through the name, motivate the brain cells, create the senses of perception and conception, and cause the functions of the body to respond—just as the notes on the piano when struck release vibrations that produce the sound when the etheric waves come in contact with our ear drums. The same Principle when applied to language reveals the forces of intelligence that express through vibrations of letters and language showing how these vibrations motivate the brain cells to cause thought, desire, emotion—everything that constitutes a human life.

The Mathematical Principle is a universal measurement that proves the relationship and oneness of all things.

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