How is Health Related to One's Name?

Health is a reflection of the degree of harmony in the name and mind. If the mind expresses emotional discord, some form of sickness usually results sooner or later. The body is a reflection of the mental influences acting upon it.

Many recognize that diet influences overall health. If you eat in an unbalanced fashion, is it not the desires of the mind that motivate the eating habits and create the sickness that ensues? Intense destructive emotion adversely affects the physical health as well.

Each mathematical quality is related to a specific physical system in the body. Therefore, those who study Kabalarian Philosophy can predict health weaknesses based upon the imbalance in the name. For instance, some names create potential weaknesses in the extremities and the sensory organs in the head. Other names may develop sicknesses relative to the the fluid and lymphatic systems. Others can suffer problems linked to the digestive tract, whereas others are more prone to nervous or mental disorders. The qualities of the combined mathematical forces in a person's name and birthdate produce harmony and balance in physical functions, or cause tension and sickness through discord.

The greater the discord in the name, the greater the potential for a health challenge. Although unknown to medical science, the name is an important factor in health, as it creates both the potential weaknesses in the physical body and the unbalanced desires that lead to habits and indulgences which aggravate the weakness. These habits lead to a breakdown in the physical systems affected.

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