Explain how Mathematics is a Fundamental Law.

How everything lies veiled in numbers, is the wisdom of the Kabalah. There are profounder meanings in mathematics than the technical values that are commonly understood. Mathematics is the universal measurement through which all the secrets of nature are discovered.

Humankind did not create mathematics; it is a fundamental law of all existence, and as we evolve, we are discovering that mathematics is the pathway to all knowledge and progress. It is the law of dimension through which everything comes into manifest form and therefore is the Principle of Life. It is the only proof, or definite measurement, of any science, theory, or philosophy.

Mathematics is the infallible Principle that enables science to measure everything according to its vibration, to segregate and to recorrelate the elements of nature, and thus to create new forms of matter.

Mathematics is the universal measurement that proves the relationship and oneness of all things. The Kabalarian Philosophy reveals the spiritual intelligence behind the invisible forces of nature, which express through the symbols of numbers and letters. Science has proved that all life is motion (vibration) and that everything: substance, shape, colour, species, sound, light, and all forms of life, have their being in and through vibration. The mathematical measurement of these forms, through their different vibrations, divulges their nature. The application of this divine measurement proves the existence, quality, and nature of all forms of life.

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