Why does the Name Affect all Aspects of my Life?

The name represents the mental pattern that stimulates specific qualities of intelligence, and can be constructive or destructive. Destructive mental weaknesses have an impact on our lives, limiting our full potential. Some of us express the destructive qualities of being stubborn, self-centred, blunt, egotistical, or domineering. Others are limited by the destructive characteristics of indifference, passivity, or negativity. Qualities such as being argumentative, intolerant, and scattering have never created understanding or happiness. Being discontented, small-minded, chaotic, or moody all diminish our success and overall health. Whatever the negative qualities we express, we are undermining the harmony and balance of which we are capable.

These mental weaknesses are linked directly to the unbalanced name. By changing to a balanced name, a name harmonized to one's inner potential, we can build greater positivity into our thinking and happiness into our lives.

A balanced name is the starting point in the process of developing mental freedom. As we become mentally free of destructive patterns of thought and habits, we will fulfil the greatest potential of mind: to express wisdom and harmony in our words, deeds, and thoughts and bring our ideals into reality.

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