What is the Best Age to Change your Name?

When changing your name, at what age would the transition be most successful? For example, what effect would it have on teenagers at the time they are first exploring somany aspects of their life?, i.e., forming friendships, and when their self-confidence and self esteem is "under construction" so to speak.

The earlier the better! Teen years are challenging at the best of times. Peer pressure for young people to do this, try that, be this, must make it confusing at times for young people to know and to maintain their ideals and focus. Basic attitudes to life, levels of confidence and self-esteem can be determined by an analysis of names and have been under construction from the time parents name their children. Some people (young and old!) cope well, and others do not.

Names have positive and negative characteristics. Many names over-emphasize the negative and create moods, lack of confidence or lack of expression, cause unpredictability, create selfish dominating traits or a personality that lacks individuality—the many weaknesses of human nature. The longer we carry unbalanced names that inhibit the natural expression of the potential within, the harder it is to overcome the habits of negative thinking.

It is important to understand one's purpose in life as measured from the date of birth. An analysis reveals whether, e.g., a person is meant to follow a practical path or a creative path or a path working with people.The name, which creates personality traits, must harmonize with the potential; otherwise, people experience all the frustration of being drawn into situations that are opposite to how they truly feel within. A balanced name harmonized to the natural path and a basic understanding of purpose leads one to the areas of life that will bring great happiness and contentment. Then, there is no need to feel lesser or better than others.Imagine knowing in your teen years where you could excel and best serve life. You would know your inner path and where to put your best efforts.

Names containing the qualities of confidence, motivation, happiness, and reliability make it easier for young people forming friendships and finding their place in life. Young people with these types of names are often drawn into leadership roles. They have a natural ability to communicate and guide others and often do well in their studies, seemingly without effort. They do not have the same challenge with self-esteem nor are they as strongly motivated by peer pressure.

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