What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is an ideal, or a seed that will bear fruit if constructive effort is put forth to understand nature's laws of right eating, right breathing, and right thinking.

Spirituality is the state of wisdom which can be reached only as one's mind is developed to think, analyze, and measure life, to find the key to the creation and balance of human mind. Wisdom is the knowledge of the universe and being, and it can be understood only through the intellect, plus experience, and not through the sense of feeling and the emotions.

Only as we learn to govern our emotions and to transmute them into mental power, directing that power for service, can we evolve toward the state of wisdom.

Spirituality is an attainment, not an instinctive phenomenon. It cannot be arrived at through blind faith, only through conscious mental effort in conformity with the mental and spiritual laws.

Spirituality is mental progress beyond material concept, and can be sought and obtained only through the mind. We will be happy under a balanced name, but not wise unless we seek into the deeper meanings of life. Wisdom or Consciousness unfolds through the seeds of logic and truth.

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