What's in a Name?

Relationship of mind, language, and potential

All life represents the abstract power of reason involving into finite expression and evolving through the law of growth. Inasmuch as language and mind are inseparable, the power of language through mind represents the greatest potential power in the universe. Language is the only means in life through which life becomes conscious of itself. Being the basis for the creation and operation of mind, language represents the abstract power of reason expressing on the mental plane above the instinctive emotional plane, which controls all animate life below the human species.

Mind, if balanced through name and concept, lifts us above the dictates of instinct and feeling. Humanity has the potential to be governed by logic and reason through the development of more universal and harmonious thinking. To fulfil this potential, mind must understand the laws of being, and apply them.

The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches the duality of life comprising an abstract origin or cause and the finite expression of this cause. This abstract cause, the reason or plan of life, comes into finite expression through the natural and mental laws, and motivates all living forms. In humanity, this abstract reason expresses through the symbology of language to be the intelligent force behind mental expression. With education, refinement, discipline, and growth, mental expression becomes wisdom, the highest manifestation of the power of language in life. This is why we hold language sacred. It is the vehicle for consciousness.

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