Pets Too Are Affected By Their Names

On our website, in your Name Report and Newsletters we have demonstrated the application of the Mathematical Principle to one's birth date, first name, and surname. It is our endeavour to explain how mathematics is not just a means of calculating quantity, i.e., how much, how deep, how wide, but how it can be applied to measure quality (thoughts, feelings, desires) as well. When mathematics is applied to language and time, one's thinking and life pattern can be determined.

Where would the scientist be without the knowledge of mathematics? Einstein gave all the credit for his discoveries to the wonders of mathematics. Yet, he came to the conclusion that when mathematics could be applied to human mind then would humanity have the key to understanding human nature. This principle is the foundation of the Kabalarian Philosophy.

Characteristics and Health Weaknesses of Pets

A very interesting study is the effect of mathematics upon other species in life. When animals live in their natural environment they function completely under the influence of the instinctive law. However, because we have domesticated animals and birds, brought them into our environment, and attached names we create the various personalities and human weaknesses afflicting domestic species. Through an analysis of the individual names of animals the characteristics and health weaknesses can be determined.

Observe and Compare

The following are a few examples to show you how names can be applied to pets:


How many people have called their dogs Lassie? The characteristics which show are a sense of responsibility, gentleness, and friendliness. This name creates a loving family type dog instead of an aggressive, forceful watchdog. Physical weaknesses would show in its fluid and glandular system.


The name of Tiny is a very commonly used name but, unfortunately, it is not the best influence to use. Any pet with this name would be high-strung, extremely sensitive, and impulsive. It would be difficult to keep Tiny home for it would always be wandering and into many things. Tiny would always be ready for fun and changes and due to its impulsiveness could attract a sudden accident. If you want a happy, relaxed, home loving pet, do not name pet dog Tiny. (The names of Mitzi and King have exactly the same influence as the name of Tiny.


We have in our files an interesting clipping from the Vancouver Sun, of a dog named Beau who was noted for his courageous efforts in helping to capture a gunman. Although he was well-trained, disciplined, and a strong dog, he showed signs of a glandular weakness. He developed swelling in the hind legs and suffered inflammation of the kidneys. The interesting point is that this weakness, which is due to the mathematical makeup, could have been determined by an analysis of the name. Not only can conditions be determined in an animal, but they can be changed before they occur, with a change of name and diet.


Baron was the name of a dog who had to be destroyed because he suddenly turned on his master. Although up to this point he was a faithful pet and did not appear to be dangerous, he suddenly, for no apparent reason, became unmanageable. Here is another situation-to many a mystery, yet an analysis of his name would have indicated that he could not be trusted, that he would show changing moods of temperament and impulsive actions.

Bambi Bambi is a very popular name usually for a gentler animal. Yet how many Bambis have ended in tragedy? The name creates a very loving animal yet indicates losses and thus anyone calling a pet by this name creates a great deal of suffering and hardship for the animal. The sweetness of the name is unfortunately overshadowed by the mathematical qualities, which produce accidents and losses.


Sunny, a name so often given to a budgie or canary creates a very sunny, happy disposition. Sunny is usually full of song and very responsive, in fact, you would find it difficult to stop your little bird from vocalizing at times. Although this name has a very expressive influence, the weakness creates dryness of the skin which causes loss of feathers and eczema.

The Role of Humans and Pets

It may seem strange to realize that merely the attachment of a name to humans, animals, birds, and even businesses, is the creative force which creates mental and physical characteristics. Through knowledge of the spiritual forces manifesting through language, intelligence can be determined. Animals belong to the instinctive plane and when names are attached to them they are influenced by the mental laws to a certain degree. In one sense it is not natural to name an animal for they should not be subject to human weaknesses but should be allowed to live in harmony with their own natural laws of life. If animals are to be named, then the names should be carefully selected in order to allow health and happiness in their lives.

We as humans are the stewards upon the earth and have the responsibility of fulfilling our purpose through the conscious laws by developing our intelligence and expressing the conscious principles of life.

Animals are part of the kingdom beneath man and their purpose must be respected and protected; they should be allowed to live naturally, in harmony with their own laws. It is our responsibility to see that they are not afflicted by discordant influences. This is why the balance of a name is so very important. You may ask, what's in name? The answer is everything!

Dhorea Delain

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