Power of Mind: Part 1

The following is an excerpt from the book "Thoughts are Things" written by Alfred J. Parker, founder of the Kabalarian Philosophy, in 1961.


"Thoughts Are Things" is a book intended to define the true meaning of the Power of the Word in its relationship to thought. Little or nothing is known about human mind or where thought originates, or the actual power that lies in mind and thought. The only channel of conscious intelligence upon this earth is used too loosely, even in the matter of education. The world has sadly lacked a basic principle concerning mind, thought, and its reality in speech.

We are told that: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." (St. John 1:1) This should be easily understood, as the Scripture is full of the expression "and God said" thus proving that the greatest part of God is "what God said." Originally, it was not intended to convey that God was a personal being who made personal utterances, although this idea was accepted into the Scripture. Nevertheless, what is said or any form of conscious expression can be brought down to reality only through the Power of the Word through the alphabet and its component part, punctuation -- the latter giving the inflection or the music and feeling to the thought: thus conscious expression. The lack of inflection and feeling in our present day speech is robbing our language of much of its intelligence as man sinks into a speech of feelingless monotone.

Is it to be wondered that present day intelligence is falling into a state of mental inertia? When speech has lost its conscious expressed intelligence, the door to mental and spiritual progress is truly closed tight, and animal emotion will kill out all refinement, culture, and mental balance. Proper speech based upon proper articulation, punctuation, inflection, and emotional expression, should be the basis of our educational system. If thoughts are things, they should be living conscious things that contain the universal feeling and message of the God Consciousness: the very quality and intelligent power of our being. For too long the Power of the Word, the only channel of divine expression, has been relegated to mediocrity through uncontrolled emotion and passion because the lack of understanding of the relativity of Universal Consciousness to the reality of being has produced a deadly monotony in human speech, and cultured and refined expression has been relegated to the limbo of the lost.

Yours In Service.
Alfred J. Parker


Over the ages man has wondered about and pondered over the complexities of life, but so far he has not seemed to make much progress for the simple reason that he knows nothing about that through which he ponders -- Mind. Every musician knows that his artistry depends entirely upon his knowledge of his instrument and his ability completely to master it.

Mind Know Thyself

Many are the sayings, such as: "Man know thyself," "As a man thinketh, so is he," "Man is the eyes, ears, and mouthpiece of God," "The kingdom of heaven lies within," "Man is the master of his own destiny," "Thoughts are things," and "Thoughts have wings," etc., all tending to appreciate the value and power of human mind without a reasonable explanation as to what is mind? how is it created? how does it function? and, how does it receive its individual quality that defines personality? These are the unanswered questions that point the way to human delinquency. The trouble with our age is man's lack of knowledge of and respect for life itself, and that our so-called Christian civilization has no basic and tangible spiritual laws that could allow man to establish a definite spiritual objective or ideal. The world has not an ideal beyond financial profit and human supremacy over humanity. Man is taught to deify science instead of spiritual wisdom; thus have our younger generation been weaned away from the desire to seek the best in life or to understand the power that makes them what they are: Mind.

It might be said that life is the concept of mind; thus, "As a man thinketh, so is he." We should be more concerned with the verbal expression of mind through thought. Man is too prone to think only of the things he feels; thus must human thoughts have their very birth and being in emotion. Man can be classified in planes or graduations of intelligence, each plane having the positive and negative aspect and its overall blueprint. For instance, a person may be living in a very emotional and negative plane of mind, yet there are different degrees of emotion; it might be that of greed, lust, dishonesty, sex, jealousy, antagonism and ego, or over-indulgence -- each having its own distinct personality and expressions of thought. All are negative, for only wisdom is positive. Each plane of mind is an individual world of thought in itself, like a wave length on a radio dial that tunes into its own source of broadcast.

Individual Concept

Our name gives us our individual plane of thought which we must retain at all cost, provided that our name is balanced. One should never invade another person's plane of thinking especially where the objective is a destructive one, to undermine another person's thinking and peace of mind. The world has a major mental disease called schizophrenia, which represents a dual or triple personality involved through the one brain. In the course of conversation, one merges his thoughts and ideas into the person's thoughts; yet, the individual's concept usually remains individual, for rarely do two people think completely alike, even upon the same subject. Each individual mathematical formula contains its concept and vision, and although we are capable of seeing and discussing a subject with another mind, the quality or degree of concept may differ very radically, even though we may agree upon the ultimate objective. It might be illustrated as sieving a liquid through a screen: the quality of the liquid would depend upon the size or the mesh of the screen. Basically, it would be the same in its ingredients, but not in its density and aspect. We all look at a subject through a slightly different aspect or concept although we agree with the intent or the context of the subject. Without this merging there would be a complete disagreement in many cases and no understanding of the other person's thinking. Thus we all retain our individual concept and endeavour to reshuffle the other person's thoughts to conform with our individual concept. In this way do theories or principles degenerate through dilution of ideas and facts through difference of concept. One may build completely different mental pictures from the pure facts.

Some people are so negative in their thinking that they cannot enter into the orbit of another's thinking and retain their individuality. They are swayed by the other person's thinking and their minds become confused. These people are usually victims of association. Where there is no balance in name there is no individuality in thinking, the same as when notes in a chord of music are not relative, a discord ensues, which is confusion in sound. This is the reason of mass-mindedness of humanity, mental confusion, or man without a mental and spiritual objective.

Regeneration or Degeneration

We must not discount the necessity of mental growth even though we seek to retain individuality of thinking. The law of life, which is growth, insists that life cannot stand still; mind grows in concept only as it retains its desire to broaden and deepen in wisdom, as it seeks to understand its own existence and the law governing its being. There are only two paths in nature, regeneration or degeneration; nothing stands still. Our mind is a mathematical formula that contains within it our life pattern from the least to the greatest thought and experience. These divine powers flow through man's mind in his particular chord or plane of mind to conform to mathematical pattern and individuality as of the name.

Every individual has his or her particular plane of mind or degree of intelligence. If one's mind becomes confused, then it is unable to retain its individuality of thinking and degenerates into a lower plane of mind, and becomes perplexed with both; thus a dual or triple personality is engendered through a negative plane of thinking. Mental growth into a higher plane of thinking is always justified because it is an acquisition of growth and expansion of concept. It could be termed an inclusion of one plane with another. I have observed that at times two people in the same plane of mind use the same terms, words, or expressions, when under similar circumstances. If one's mind degenerates to a lower plane of thinking; i.e., a more emotional, negative state of mind, one automatically becomes a dual personality or obsessed, and loses his individuality of thought.

Planes of Mind

My previous reference to planes of mind calls for an explanation as it may be a new and different concept than that with which you are familiar. In my studentship I endeavoured to form a logical blueprint or pattern of thinking whereby I could see and define the process of thought, knowing full well the many and varied qualities of thinking. To one not too well acquainted with the subject of mind, it is advisable to create a simple mental picture of the graduations of mind as related to a scale -- or to an elevator rising or descending, the floors of the building representing the different degrees or planes of mind as passed by the elevator. One's quality of thinking should be based upon pure logic and reason, for this is the differentiation between degrees or quality of thought and creates a definite pattern of thinking that engenders a clear concept upon any plane of thought.

Mind, the Sum Total of One's Life

The subject of thought is a complete mystery to the average mind, as little is taught or discussed concerning it; it is usually taken for granted and left at that. One of the major tragedies of life is schizophrenia, a prelude to insanity; it is nothing more than confused thinking with loss of individuality. The more one studies mind and thought, the more one realizes the vital necessity of clear thinking. Everyone has problems in one form or another, and many and varied are the solutions offered as a panacea; yet none go to the root of all problems (the mind). How many advanced scientific minds could logically describe the origin and creation of the many degrees of human mind, even the vast difference and quality of mind as represented in the children of one large family? No two children are alike. The different qualities or planes of mind of the children each attract their own experiences, state of health, personality, association, success, or otherwise; and it is to be noted that no two children in any family attract the same association or playmates, thus proving the complete individuality of mind on any plane of thought. It cause one to wonder how humanity ever merges these individual minds, even to the point of a common understanding upon any subject; no wonder happiness in marriage is so difficult and rare.

So few people rarely think seriously upon life to the point where they begin to realize the underlying cause of all problems and realize that mind is everything, the cause and concept of the sum total of one's life. People do things with but very little thought and consideration, even in the most vital things affecting their lives. The average person does not consider life seriously until he finds his life-span seriously curtailed, and then he is concerned as to what will happen after death.

Happiness Lies in One's Own Thinking

How strange it is that two people will rush into the state of marriage for the happiness that they never find, only because they expect the other person to provide it. Happiness lies in one's own thinking. Man sees his sweetheart as an angel or the acme of perfection, and then after a year or so of self-satisfaction and there are no longer any new thoughts or desires and life becomes routine, innumerable obstacles arise from nowhere and the worst in each person comes to the surface. It is the same old problem that is paramount in all men's affairs. "Lack of proper objective and no ideals." Marriage cannot be based upon physical and mental satisfaction where mind has been centred only upon self. Anything physical or emotional is only temporal and subject only to man's capacity to enjoy; for instance, one can eat only until satisfied and then food loses its flavour and appeal. All things, marriage definitely included, must have a specific objective in the same degree that a child studies and works for a final graduation, which is a plane of thinking and completion. Personal effort and constructive thinking alone will guarantee happiness, provided the objective is happiness and service.

Thought and Emotional Reactions

It is an interesting study regarding the varying shade of expression of the mind, the difference between the varying shades of emotion, the two basic and direct opposites: happiness and sadness, and the minor degrees of emotion. Also the difference between laughing and crying: they represent the emotional reaction to two directly opposite planes of thinking; and yet, there are instances where a person has laughed and cried simultaneously. This is often termed hysterics, which is not usually the emanation of one individual mind but the proof of schizophrenia or the duality of mind. The type of thinking and its emotional reactions can be accurately gauged and defined with mathematical certainty, even at the birth and naming of a baby. Thus can a child be created as a happy or a crying baby -- the qualities of which will affect the complete life of the individual.

This theory opens up a vast channel or mental perspective of life in its entirety. Many theories and philosophies have been created to define life, its natural laws, time, space, and human complexities; yet each seems to lose sight of the potential universality and limitlessness of human mind, and as the old adage says, "One cannot see the forest for the trees." Man becomes lost in the individual complexities of life, and thus man loses sight of the basis of life: perspective, analysis, and concept -- all expressions of human mind. Even in the matter of disease and sickness he loses sight of the basic reason of being: mind and its varied expressions of emotion. Instead of science finding and establishing the basic reason and cause of sickness and disease, it becomes lost in the many forms or expressions of sickness to which it attaches individual names; and then proceeds to become lost in each individually named sickness and to follow individual paths to the cure of such, all of which it fails to do because it loses sight of the overall cause. Today, we are asked to contribute money for research into each individual form of sickness -- to which there is no end. They symbolize the many little streams from the one lake, each leading into a different territory.

Mind and its Ramifications

When man learns of the origin and creation of human mind he will definitely reduce the complexities and confusion of human mind by establishing a basic cause to all things in life; thus like a diamond expert he will not only note the perfectness and clarity of a diamond, its cutting, and proportion, but will clearly note its refraction of light and colour, and will be fully aware that the gem's purity will be expressed in the colour pattern, such as the blue-white colour of the perfect stone, and the off-shades of the inferior quality whereby too much yellow or brown is apparent in the colour pattern. So in sickness and disease, the basis is the quality and balance of mind which manifests the varying shades of human expression such as laughter, happiness, and the inferior expressions of sadness, fear, depression, jealousy, hate, lust, and greed, each having its individual shades of emotional expression which in turn affects the physical body constructively or otherwise, thereby representing the inferior minds expressing relative shades of thought and emotion into the many degrees of sickness. When the human mind loses its individuality to mass-mindedness, when humanity is too standardized in its education, then epidemics ensue as a result of mass thinking.

Mind and all its ramifications is a wonderful and educational subject and should have priority over other subjects in our educational system, provided of course that our educational system knew something about the pattern of human mind. But I do not mean the psychiatric theory of merely tabulating human weaknesses and inhibitions -- and letting it go at that -- or attempting to rectify conditions by trying to place square pegs in round holes, or building patterns and diagrams, etc. One cannot cure effect through effect; one must know and understand the cause. It might be expressed that happiness, success, self-expression, and all the many attributes and characteristics of personality and intelligence are built-in commodities, as it were, not born into the physical body but mentally-created shades of expression of the mind, consciously created by the parents through the Power of the Word.


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