The Principles of Name Compatibility

Name compatibility is the first step to true compatibility. The Kabalarian Philosophy is the foundation of true, long-term compatibility.

Name Compatibility can determine the degree of harmony between people. One’s name determines the similarity or differences in people’s natures. Yet, in a relationship, both natures together may eventually develop explosive interactions as both names actually create an intense and self-indulgent nature, and emotionally-motivated influences. You can understand how this works through discovering the principles behind name compatibility. If both people’s names were Balanced Names they would find that their thinking and experiences would become more harmonious and compatible.

However, true compatibility is based on the group you are born with. The day of month you are born determines the group you are in. People born into the same group can experience a natural kinship, especially if their names have relative mathematical qualities or name compatibility. If you and your partner are in a the same group or a compatible group, you tend to view life from a similar perspective, think and feel in a similar way, and enjoy similar activities. However, if there is unbalance in the name compatibility it can distort the natural relationship of people in the same group.

There are three groups: water, fire, and air. Each group has a specific role in life and determines the basic nature of the potential within. The group represents a potential; and is part of your inner nature (birthpath).

Water: The water group works best on their own, They are tenacious and work hard to accomplish goals. This water group quality is independent, individual, and has a self-focused approach to life. As a result, they are inclined to disregard advice and overlook the sensitivities of others. This quality likes freedom of choice. They are natural leaders. In business associations, friendships, relationships, and marriage the water group is most compatible with others in the water group. Depending on other qualities they an merge with the fire group.

Fire: The fire group finds it easy to work with people, to blend the differences of opinions, and to create harmony and understanding while maintaining your own individuality and impartiality. The fire group is successful when they have the encouragement and support of family and friends. In business associations, friendships, relationships, and marriage, the fire group is most compatible with others in the fire group. The fire group can also merge with the water and air group.

Air: The air group has an ability to reach people through the power of inspiration. They have the ability to be visionary, to give and see the need of their fellow man. The air group has a naturally buoyant, enthusiastic zest for life. They have the desire to lead and motivate others to create something better. The air group tends to overlook the practical side of ideas and plan. In business associations, friendships, relationships, and marriage. The air group is most compatible with others in the air group. They can also create compatibility with the fire group.

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