Time-Intelligence in Motion

It is easy to understand time on a quantitative level in terms of duration and spacial distance. For example, how long will it take you to reach a particular point--five minutes, ten minutes, an hour, or a day. Or, we may say, how long have you been waiting? 20 minutes, an hour? This is the quantity of time, how much, how long.

Time is linked to the pattern of life as expressed by the relationship of the earth to the sun, which creates the changing seasons, and it is also true that life on earth is dominated by the intelligence expressed by the sun through its role as the nucleus of our universe. We could say that time is intelligence in motion.

We know that the quality of anything is relative to the intelligence of it. Therefore, the quality of time is the intelligence expressing through time. For example, if you are kept waiting for an appointment for 35 minutes, what was the intelligence expressing during that time? Patience, irritation, frustration or was it observation, analysis, and mental growth?

Kabalarians understand and follow the cyclic principle, which defines the intelligent pattern of the unfoldment of growth which expresses a law unto itself called the law of cycles. This permits the intelligent use of time and the planning in preparation for time yet to come. Thus time is both quantity and quality, quantity being the durationary period to which the quality or intelligence of a particular expression is most suited. This knowledge can be used in planning the future, considering the appropriate actions to be taken at relative times indicated by the cyclic principle.

Time is a potential, ever expressing, but have you considered the relativity of everything you do to time? Time is not just a void to be filled. Time is a power of potential, requiring your creativity to develop the potential of time into a reality of creative expression of your unique inner potential. We measure your inner potential according to time, and it is the time of birth that denotes that specific power that is awaiting fulfilment through time. Your mind is the creative power and is a product of your experiences within time. What is your purpose? How can you best develop your potential through time?

If you watch the growth of a plant from the seed, you will find that each degree of growth from the seeding, germination, through all forms of growth to the dropping of a new seed always take place at the right time in the seasonal cycle. Whether one is alluding to the growth of a plant from the seeding time to the fruition period or to the 9-year cycle of the individual, the simile is the same. The influence of time in cyclic patterns is just as applicable in your life. In business affairs there is a proper cyclic time to start activities, a time when you should should broaden out, and a time when you reap the rewards of effort. Make every minute count and you will create significant long-term consequences.

Your Future. What Will You Create?

Our Balanced Name Recommendation service includes a 3-month Cycle Chart. By following your chart, you will prove for yourself the value of following the natural rhythms of time. Know what you are capable of accomplishing, plan your year, and follow your cycle and you will be successful.

You can further read about the 9 basic cycle conditions that govern our year, months, days, and even hours on our further introduction to the theory and principles of cycles on this page. Learn to follow the pattern, but first, know your own cycle. What are you meant to accomplish this year?

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