What is my Destiny?

What is my destiny is a question asked by many. Destiny is often seen as either a fixed sequence of events that is inevitable and unchangeable, or that individuals choose their own destiny by choosing different paths throughout their life. The Kabalarian Philosophy reveals that names given at birth create an energy field of intelligence from which individuals draw and around which their lives revolve.

Your names, when reduced to a mathematical formula, actually reveal the sum total of your life, your personality, your likes and dislikes, your ideals, and even the conditions and experiences you will attract in your life. What is your fate? Will you be happy and healthy, will you be rich, will you attract good opportunities and harmonious relationships, and will you meet your ideals?

There are nine destiny qualities. Which one are you?

  1. Those with a 1 destiny are drawn into positions in which they are always pioneering something for another's benefit and never allowed to reap the rewards for their efforts put forth. This destiny creates a limited environment, narrow and restricted, lacking the material comforts of life.
  2. Those with a 2 destiny are drawn into positions requiring diplomacy and tact, a subordinate position in which they stand between the masses and high authority. Being non-aggressive, they are taken advantage of by others.
  3. Those with a 3 destiny are drawn into positions requiring self-expression; they are spendthrifts-fortunate but not stable. Often lucky in times of need. Opportunities come and go but are not taken advantage of. Finances are subject to an easy-come, easy-go influence.
  4. Those with a 4 destiny are drawn into positions of hard work, technicality, and monotony in a colourless environment. They do not receive remuneration commensurate with their efforts put forth. They must consider small opportunities important and take advantage of them to make slow, systematic progress.
  5. Those with a 5 destiny are drawn into change, travel, and new experiences. They experience disappointments in people and friction in their undertakings that cause financial losses and change. They cannot successfully complete their undertakings; they will not endure limitations.
  6. Those with a 6 destiny are drawn into positions of responsibility-either in the business world or in institutional work-with care of individuals. They have settled and secure conditions with financial stability.
  7. Those with a 7 destiny are drawn into positions in which they are separate from others and they experience much aloneness and live close to nature, working with the products of the earth. Their separateness from other does not engender business opportunities. The 7 destiny brings misunderstandings in associations.
  8. Those with an 8 destiny are drawn into positions in which they have direction and control of material values and finances; they shoulder financial responsibilities and have accumulation. They are drawn into the business world among shrewd materialistic people where things are measured according to their material value and how much they are worth.
  9. Those with a 9 destiny are drawn into positions in which they are called upon to give more than they receive. It is a destiny of giving and it brings losses in material things. This destiny is drawn into positions in which they are called upon to express kindness, benevolence, sympathy, and understanding-devoting themselves to some special branch of learning along creative and inspirational lines, or in service work.

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