What is the Kabalarian Philosophy?

The Kabalarian Philosophy is dedicated to the service of humanity through dissemination of the wisdom of life, a scientific, practical knowledge based upon definite divine laws clearly understandable and applicable, teaching the individual's relationship to the two basic laws of life -- mathematics and language -- and teaching how everyone can greatly benefit through this wisdom.

It embodies the knowledge of healthy living, of balanced, harmonious thinking, and of spiritual ideals. This knowledge can contribute to purposeful accomplishment and to the betterment of the world in which we live. he Kabalarian Philosophy demonstrates that mind and thought have their origin in an abstract plane of Conscious intelligence, which comes into manifest form through the symbols of language.

Based on this understanding of mind, the founder, Alfred J. Parker , developed a complete philosophy of life that unites the practical, scientific concepts of the West with the idealistic concepts of the East in which the goal in human life is to merge with the Conscious plane. One's mental characteristics, state of well-being, and experiences in life are shown to be determined by one's name , which incorporates the specific forces of intelligence in the mind of the individual. Greater harmony and balance can be achieved in one's life through using a name balanced to enhance the constructive and natural expression of the inner conscious potential.

A cyclic pattern in the unfoldment of mind is also revealed. The Kabalarian Philosophy regards the physical body as the instrument for the expression of the conscious forces of life, and so stresses the importance of a moderate vegetarian diet, emotional control, and physical fitness through exercise and deep breathing.

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