Your Purpose in Life

Your purpose in life is a question asked by many people as they ponder the reasons for their existence. Usually that question is not asked when we are happy and when we are inspired and when we are giving; life is then so natural, so close to our real purpose. It is when we stray from the path or we are suffering the consequences of our actions that we begin to question what life is all about. When it is a beautiful day it makes us glad to be alive. Sometimes the question arises—most often when we are not so glad we are alive—“What’s the purpose of all this?”

To understand why life exists in the first place is beyond us. We do know that life does exist. We are conscious of our being. We recognize that there seems to be a pattern and we look for the reason of our very being. Life can be both beautiful and sad. Life can be an opportunity or a test. Life can be very expressive, productive, and successful, or it can be a failure. What really matters is expressing our real purpose.

Expression of the Potential

There are many theories about life and the origin of life. When a child breathes its first breath of life, a spark becomes involved and takes upon itself a dimensional expression. The child cries, the body functions, and a potential is born. It takes that first breath to bring the spark down into this physical channel. That involvement begins the purpose of that particular individual.

The power of life is the power of expression. Everyone is a living, breathing, expressive power. A potential has within it the essence of all of life. In other words, it comes from the source of Being, the source of Reason, the source of Universal Consciousness, whatever we wish to term it, but it comes and it activates this thing called life. Life is the animation of this potential striving to unfold its purpose.

Our potential is not here to rest. Our potential is here to grow. Our potential is here to express this power of life, this animation of Reason. Our potential is here to bring into form and dimension the truths of the Principle of Life. This purpose, naturally, has a potential, a fulfilment, an end result. Any seed that we plant has within it the power of full growth, full achievement, and completion of a particular cycle. As a seed becomes involved and grows, the potential within that seed, which is activated with moisture and warmth, begins its stage of life. Simple life expression, maybe, whether it be a little flower, vegetable, or tree, whatever it might be, but there is still the unfoldment of a purpose. That little seed has the purpose of growing, blossoming, completing the cycle and fulfilling its role.

Our role, as individuals, is far more demanding, far more complex, far more challenging. Where all those other forms of life do not have a choice, we do. Those other forms of life are limited by and succeed through the natural law; as long as there is moisture, warmth, and nutrients the seed will grow, grow to the fullest potential possible, then blossom and produce the seed of the next cycle to complete itself. No other help is needed. But our purpose has a greater potential, and it is no longer controlled by a force of intelligence that cannot be denied. That little seed cannot deny the urge to grow, the steps of unfoldment; it cannot stop it. The seed is compelled by these universal forces to go through those series and stages.

When it comes to us, we have to look beyond that compelling force of nature to find a greater power, the Reason, the power of Universal Reason. Reason gives us a new, higher, greater source of energy. Our purpose can be recognized by noting the difference between plants, animals, other species of life and man. The difference that man experiences is conscious, analytical awareness. Our potential is found within that difference.

While we are released from the limitations of the instinctive law, we are still limited by our reasoning ability. If we can think, if we can analyze, if we can build a concept, if we can see our ideals and objectives, if we can understand our purpose, then our mind will be as the seed, unfolding the greater potential. The secret of life is not some elixir. It is not some magic method of breathing or exercises. It is not some simple little fifteen-minute program that we can follow three days a week, seven days a week. The secret of life is in the discovery of our true potential, understanding our purpose and the laws that will allow that purpose to unfold.

Where does Reason come from? Why are some people more reasonable than others? Why are some able to express their intelligence more clearly, more logically, more capably? Some are, of course, muted because of self-consciousness and shyness. Some are limited in other ways. The Reason, of course, is limited by the vehicles, just as a little pansy seed is limited to produce pansies. It can never produce a rose. The pansy seed is restricted and limited within the scope of its potential. The reason of man’s being is to be above, different from, more purposeful than the plants and animals of life. Man is to be the channel of Reason, of conscious reasoning ability. And so, we are who we are because of the Reason that we have developed. We are the personality, we are the qualities that we are because of the Reason that has come through us.

Now maybe we had very happy childhoods. Maybe we had parents who were very devoted, firm disciplinarians. They taught us to be happy all the time. They taught us how to be artistic and creative, how to have outlets. And so the Reason that we express has been encouraged and developed by our upbringing. We know that language is the channel of intelligence, Reason. Language, when attached to the child, awakens that reasoning power to express through mental growth.

Our purpose is understood through knowledge and application of the Mathematical Principle. Our purpose becomes clearer as we understand the relationship of the individual to the bigger picture.

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