Business Package

In order to give you the best names possible, we will require the following information before proceeding with your order:

1. A description of the type of business, its products, markets, etc.

2. A description of the goals you have for the company. (This could be an overview of your business plan).

3. Any background information on your business that might help us identify the image that you want to achieve. What is your background? What brought you to this business?

4. What are some of the words you would like in the name or would be required as part of the name; words that describe your business such as Electrical Services, Business Consulting, Enterprises, Management, Finances, Real Estate, Computer Services, etc.

5. List words you particularly like. It can be single words that you favor or categories such as nature, technology, made-up words, etc. These would the first words in the name, the words that the company will be called on a daily basis. We may not use these words but they will help us to determine the image you want.

6. Will your business be a proprietorship, partnership, or an incorporated company?

7. What incorporation ending choices can be used in your country? Give us both the long form and the abbreviated form i.e., Incorporated and Inc., Limited and Ltd., Corporation and Corp., etc.

8. If your company is already incorporated what is the exact incorporation date? If you have an existing business that is not incorporated what date was the bank account opened in the business name?

9. Describe the business relationship with any partners or co-owners that you might have. Who will be the main decision maker? What is the ratio of investment between the partners?

10. What are the birthdates of the owner(s)?

11. What is your mailing address, phone number and fax number?

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