COVID-19 Safety Plan for: Society of Kabalarians

Revised To: August 24, 2020

Location: Basement Level - 1160 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver, BC


  • office of not-for profit society
  • 1500 square feet office on basement level
  • we have reviewed the protocol assessment of the WorkSafe BC:
    Elimination › Engineering Controls › Administrative Controls › PPE

Measures in Place:

  • maximum of 7 (average of 4) staff members onsite at any time which is the entire office pod during office hours of 8:30 am to 4 pm
  • each staff member has a separate office area with at least 50 square feet area so no barriers required
  • cohort consists of the 7 staff members
  • 1500 square feet floor area less 1000 square of feet of furnishings gives 500 square feet of floor space
  • maximum occupancy of 20 people (25 square feet per person)
  • hand sanitizer available
  • appointments with public by appointment only
  • gated and locked access to property
  • common areas are cleaned regularly
  • staff members are advised to not come to work if showing any cold/flu-like symptoms
  • staff members have been instructed on good hygiene protocols

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