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Free Numerology Report

Our free Name Numerology Report is now available. Pease click the following link for full details:

Free Name Report

The following is included with your Name Report package:

  • an in-depth evaluation of all your names -- legal name (first and last), most-used names, nicknames, business signatures, and previous names
  • analysis of your purpose in life measured from your date of birth
  • career and vocation recommendations
  • analysis of compatibility in relationships
  • free phone support for any questions
  • complete privacy and full confidentiality assurance

For an analysis of your full name, see our free detailed Name Report service for further details.

* Free Name Report *

Is Your Name Right for You?
For a limited time you can receive a free 20-page Name Report which is a detailed analysis of all your names and birthdate.
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"Thank you for your analysis of my name. The information hit the nail on the head quite well."

. - J.B. Australia

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! The Name Report explains . . . everything.

I can look back at my life and clearly see how so much suffering has been related to my name (soon to be NOT my name). I am so grateful that your organization has the courage to provide a report that contains strong and precise (and even negative) information.

I was a little worried that it would be fuzzy and inconclusive. Not so! This report is a great relief to me. I have spent almost my entire life, since preteen, struggling to find my way. Studying philosophies, practicing physical and mental exercises and controls, varying my diet, trying a myriad of vitamins and herbs--and all these things, while extremely valuable, have helped only partially and temporarily.

Friends and family (and mostly, myself) are puzzled at how I could be so hard-working, so earnest, so intelligent--and yet so unfulfilled, unsuccessful, and plagued with periods of devastating depression. I could chronicle my entire life experience, and it would correlate to my name report. But I suspect this would not surprise you. I know I am perfectly sane, and I know I have great potential. It is time to allow me to be me!"

- Evyan Jengo, New Jersey

"After receiving my personal Name Report, I was able to understand how the qualities of my name had interfered with the natural expression of my true purpose and desires in life. I chose a new name and began using it within a few weeks.  I immediately felt more relaxed."

- Aloe Brenna, Vancouver