Comparision of Balanced Name
Recommendation Packages

All packages include:

Balanced Name recommendations
  • choice of 30 to 50 balanced first names
  • choice of 30 to 50 balanced last names
  • includes unique, different, and conventional
  • spelling modifications and alterations of current names where possible
  • incorporate any cultural and ethnic preferences
  • last name consistency within families
  • analysis of the Balanced Names recommended for you
Signature recommendations
  • best business signatures to ensure stability and success in projects and affairs
  • best personal signatures
1/2 hour of consultation support to assist you with your Balanced Name Recommendation. Your consultation time can be used through one or several calls or via email.
  • answer any of your questions
  • get help in choosing names from the recommended lists
  • we will help you find the name that suits you
Steps in changing your names
  • advice on how best to establish your new names
  • changing identity cards
  • presenting your name change
Balanced Name Certificate
  • issued from our office after you have confirmed your selection of first and last names and signatures
Special Bonus: 3-month Cycle Chart (based on your date of birth). Know your personal cycle to plan, act, and make decisions with confidence at the right time to ensure success in your activities.

Choosing Your Balanced Name Solution

Standard Package Premium Support Best
Balanced Name Recommendation Report
Choice of 30 to 50 first
and last names
Business Signature Recommendations
3-month Cycle Chart summary
Compatibility and Career Recommendations
30-minute Consultation: Phone, Skype, or email
Extended Support
$40 per

1 hour

2 hours
Additional first and last name recommendations

Detailed 12-month Cycle Chart
Online Course - Life Analysis Training
($300 value)
Package Price $145 $245 $395
Cost if purchased separately - $340 $720
Savings - $95 $325
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