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Updated July 13, 2024

The name of Ambrosia creates a mature, self-possessed, ... All names are not equal. Ambrosia, the names you use create your life experiences. Find out how the meaning of Ambrosia and the energy of your name have shaped your life. Request a Free Name Report.

Alphabetical First Name Meaning Index

  • The name of Ambrosia creates a mature, self-possessed, and responsible nature.
  • You are an organizer and leader who exercises sound and fair judgment in all your dealings, both business and personal.
  • The name is a very practical influence, causing you to take your responsibilities seriously.
  • At times it is difficult for you to see the lighter or more humourous side of a situation because of your serious attitude.
  • Your highly capable and efficient nature make it difficult for some people to approach you.
  • Although you desire to serve your fellow man, you may at times lack tolerance for those who are less self-assured and whose approach to life is not as positive and optimistic as your own.
  • You are strongly independent and would be happiest when working without supervision, preferably in your own business where you have the challenge of "standing or falling" by your own decisions.
  • A good material standard of living is of utmost importance to you and you are careful to select only the best quality in all your purchases.
  • You enjoy the responsibility of home and family, and you appreciate a settled environment.
  • You may fail, however, to express the little gestures of affection and appreciation that would mean so much to those close to you.

Ambrosia - Detailed Meaning

Your name of Ambrosia creates a confident and reliable nature with leadership and organizational abilities. Although you are shrewd in business, you can be depended on to deal fairly and justly with others. If involved in the community, you would devote time and money toward causes you deem important. You have a strong urge for independence and the need to work without supervision. You would be happiest in your own business. If employed, you would do well in a position of trust where you manage others or have the authority to influence important outcomes through making sound decisions. Your tendency to take your responsibilities seriously could lead to worry if you are burdened with more than you can handle comfortably.
At times it is difficult for you to see the lighter or more humourous side of a situation. Because you are highly capable and efficient, you may appear unapproachable or be seen as bossy or domineering. Your desire to assist others could be viewed as interfering. A settled environment and a good material standard of living are of utmost importance to you and you are careful to accumulate only the highest quality. You may have an intolerance of those who do not share your sense of values regarding the material aspects of life. You matured early and looked forward to having your own home and family. However, in your home life, you may be so busy providing for those in your care you fail to express the little gestures of affection and appreciation that can mean so much to others, especially those who are more sensitive and craving of love and support.

Although you are generally healthy, an appetite for heavy rich foods, or a drain on the vital forces of the body through emotional indulgence could cause a weakness in the reproductive system. A tendency to worry too much could lead to mental disturbances.


Health Analysis

  • Any physical weaknesses relative to this name would show in the generative organs.

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