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Updated June 7, 2018

As Cao you have a great love of nature and the out-of-doors, and ... All names are not equal. Cao, the names you use create your life experiences. Find out how the meaning of Cao and the energy of your name have shaped your life. Request a Free Name Report.

Alphabetical First Name Meaning Index

  • As Cao you have a great love of nature and the out-of-doors, and could have a desire to be in an occupation which takes you outdoors and involves you with the products of the earth.
  • All the finer things of life and beauties of nature are an inspiration to you and you are attracted to the mysteries of nature.
  • Difficulty in expression results in your being too positive, blunt, and candid in speech.
  • Although you are easily offended by others, you do not show it.
  • You crave affection and understanding, but rarely find it as others do not understand you and accuse you of being cool and aloof.
  • The average person would never realize the true depth of your nature.
  • A very individual, independent person, you live within your own thoughts.
  • The insecurity you experience from limited verbal expression and social ease results in a jealous possessiveness and suffering through frustration, repressed emotion, and self-consciousness.

Cao - Detailed Meaning

As Cao you are a deep thinker and drawn to the mysteries of life. You prefer to work free from outside authority or supervision and are happiest on your own where you can put your ingenious ideas into practical use without interference from others. This name makes you reserved, sensitive, and craving love and understanding. Unfortunately, it also causes a restriction in your expression. It is only out in nature that you find any degree of relaxation and peace. You have an awareness of your difficulty in establishing harmony in relationships and in showing affection and appreciation for those you value. Your tendency to be honest and to the point in your opinions can lead to hurt feelings, misunderstandings, and possible resentments. Contrary to your intent, you appear uncooperative, uncaring, and self-centred. Your secretive nature can make others feel insecure and undervalued, and lead to turmoil in close friendships. Often, it is only as you express yourself in writing that others have a glimpse of your genuine feelings and how you truly think.
Conflict between your deep inner nature and your blunt outer nature does not make it easy for others to draw close to you, especially when you become withdrawn and moody. Restricted expression can bottle up your feelings, making you inflexible and stubborn with a tendency to force your ideas on others. Frustration in creating the understanding you sincerely desire could result in tension, unhappiness, and outbursts of temper that could adversely affect your health.

Affected areas could include your heart, lungs, or bronchial organs, or centre in your head. Eyes, ears, or throat problems, sinus congestion, or headaches could result.

Health Analysis

  • This name would cause tension affecting the eyes, teeth, sinuses, ears or throat troubles; there could also be sensitivity in the heart, lungs, and respiratory organs, and frequent headaches.

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