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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Aaron Aaron Abacuc Abdelaziz Abdelaziz
Abel Abraham Absalon Absolon Abualhuda
Achille Achilles Achilleus Adaem Adaemkin
Adam Adele Adeline Adelphe Adolf
Adolphe Adriaen Adriaenkin Adriana Adrianne
Adrianus Adrianus Adrien Adrienne Aelkin
Aenoud Aernekin Aernoud Aernoudt Aernous
Aernout Aert Agnes Aimable Aime
Aimee Alaard Alaerd Alaert Alain
Alan Alanche Alard Alart Alban
Albane Albe Alberic Albert Alberta
Alberto Albertus Albin Albyn Alda
Aldo Alethe Alex Alexander Alexandra
Alexandre Alexandre Alexia Alexis Alexis
Alexy Alfred Ali Ali Alice
Alida Aline Alinoe Alix Allaert
Alois Alonche Aloysius Alphons Alphonse
Alvara Alwer Amadeo Amael Amand
Amanda Amandus Amant Amaury Ambroise
Ambrosius Ame Amedee Amel Amelia
Amelie Amelrik Amos Amour Ampelonis
Anais Anastasia Anastasie Anatole Anceel
Andoche Andre Andre Andre Andrea
Andrea Andreas Andree Andres Andries
Andries Andrieu Andy Ange Angela
Angele Angelique Angie Anita Anja
Ann Anna Anne Annette Annick
Annie Anouck Anseel Ansel Anselm
Anselme Anselmus Anselot Anskin Anthelme
Antheunis Anthone Anthonio Anthonis Anthonius
Anthonne Anthony Anths Anthuenis Antoine
Antoinette Anton Anton Antone Antonia
Antonin Antonio Antonio Antonius Anya
Apelonis Appoline Appolonius Appolos Arcadie
Arcadius Arcady Arend Arens Arent
Ariane Ariel Arielle Aristide Arlette
Armand Armande Arnaud Arnekin Arnold
Arnoud Arnould Arsene Arsene Arthur
Artur Astrid Athanase Aubert Aubierge
Aubin Aude Audrey Augusta Auguste
Augustien Augustijn Augustine Augustinus Augustyn
Aure Aurele Aurelie Aurelien Aurore
Ave Avine Avit Axel Axelle
Aymar Aymeric Aziz Aziz Babette
Baerlin Baert Baerte Balduinus Balthazar
Baltin Bane Bantsoen Baptiste Baptiste
Barbara Barbe Barbele Barbele Barnabe
Barnart Bart Barthelemy Bartolome Base
Basile Basin Bastien Bate Bathylle
Batte Batuffolo Baudouin Bauduin Bave
Bavo Bayens Beatrice Beatrix Beck
Beernaert Beert Beertkin Beirnaert Beirnaert
Belinda Belle Bellekin Bellekin Bellin
Ben Benedict Benedicte Benedicte Benien
Benjamin Benjamin Benjamine Benny Benoit
Beranger Berengere Bernaard Bernadette Bernaerdt
Bernaert Bernard Bernardin Bernardus Bernekin
Bernhard Bernie Berre Berrekin Bert
Berthe Berthille Bertholf Bertin Bertram
Bertrand Bette Bettina Betty Bidjoy
Billy Blaes Blaise Blanche Bloc
Bloeme Bob Bobby Boen Boenin
Boidin Boissaert Bollin Boniface Bonifaes
Boon Boone Boris Bossaard Bossaerd
Bossaert Bossin Boudekin Bouden Boudewijn
Boudewyn Boudin Bouduin Bourgeois Boussaert
Brandaen Breusin Briac Brian Brian
Brice Brictius Briek Brieux Brigitte
Brike Brique Brixis Brooke Broxx
Bruinooge Bruno Brussels Bryan Brycis
Brys Burchard Burin Burm Bussaert
Bussin Calle Callens Calliste Camiel
Camille Camille Candide Cant Cap
Carel Carl Carlos Carmel Carmen
Carole Caroline Carolus Carsteloot Casekin
Casimir Casin Casis Cassaert Castille
Cathel Catherine Cathy Cecile Cedric
Celeste Celestin Celestine Celia Celine
Celye Centen Cert Cesar Cesarine
Chantal Charles Charley Charlotte Charly
Chenet Chinitor Chls Chris Christel
Christiaen Christian Christiane Christina Christine
Christophe Christophe Cipriaen Claeis Claes
Claeykin Claeys Claeys Claire Clais
Clara Clare Clark Claude Claudie
Claudinus Claudio Claudius Claus Clays
Cle Clemence Clemens Clement Clementine
Clementkin Clemme Clemmin Cloe Clovis
Coelin Coelkin Coellaert Coellin Coenraad
Coenraed Coenraert Coerne Coernekin Colaerd
Colaert Colard Colette Colin Colombe
Come Conrad Constance Constant Constantin
Contzen Copkin Coppin Cor Cora
Coralie Cordula Corentin Corinne Corne
Cornekin Cornelis Cornelius Costiaen Costin
Courtois Cratin Crestien Crispin Cristina
Crystal Culpyn Cynthia Cyprien Cyriaque
Cyriel Cyrille Daem Daemkin Daenkin
Dagobert Dalin Damien Damin Dan
Daneel Daniel Daniela Daniele Danielle


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