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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Aaron Aaron Abad Abarrotz Abdolpho
Abdon Abel Abelardo Abella Abelleny
Aberri Abeyta Abran Abrego Abreu
Abril Abundi Abundio Acevedo Acmer
Acosta Acuna Ada Adalberto Adame
Adame Adames Adan Adan Adberto
Adei Adela Adelio Adelita Adelita
Aden Adira Adjady Adolfo Adolpho
Adon Adonia Adorno Adrian Adrian
Adriana Adriana Adriano Adulfo Adur
Afanador Africa Agata Ageio Ager
Agia Aglahir Agnes Agosti Agostini
Agosto Agoztar Aguayo Aguilar Aguilar
Aguilera Aguirre Agusti Agustin Aida
Aide Aide Aiert Aimar Aingeru
Ainoa Aintza Aintza Aintzane Aioro
Aique Aire Aita Aita Aitor
Aitzol Aja Ajan Aketza Alain
Alaine Alaitz Alameda Alano Alanye
Alanzo Alaon Alar Alarabi Alarcon
Alarico Alas Alas Alas Alatz
Alavese Alba Alba Alba Albanese
Albano Albano Albarito Albert Alberta
Albertine Alberto Alberto Albi Albie
Albina Albino Albireo Albo Alcadio
Alcala Alcantar Alcantara Alcaraz Alcazar
Alda Aldama Aldehir Aldo Aleandro
Aleeda Alejandra Alejandro Alejandro Alejo
Alejo Aleman Alesander Aletea Alex
Alexandro Alfaro Alfons Alfonsa Alfonso
Alfonso Alfreda Alfredao Alfredo Alicea
Alicia Alida Aliecer Alifonso Alina
Alirio Alisa Alita Alize Alla
Allande Allin Allushean Alma Almacen
Almaraz Almonte Aloa Alodia Aloisio
Alona Alondra Alonso Alonso Alonzo
Alonzo Alostorrea Alots Alquiza Alta
Altamirano Altzibar Aluino Alva Alva
Alvar Alvarado Alvarez Alvaro Alvaro
Alverio Alvino Alvito Alyce Alys
Ama Amada Amadea Amadeo Amadeuz
Amado Amador Amador Amaia Amalia
Amalric Amancio Amanda Amando Amane
Amara Amarante Amaris Amat Amata
Amato Amaya Amaya Ambe Ambrosio
Amelia Amentario America Americo Amerigo
Ametz Amil Amira Amoldo Amor
Amor Amor Amora Amoree Amoros
Amparo Amparo Amuruza Ana Anacleto
Anaia Anais Anaitza Anakoz Analdy
Anani Anartz Anastacio Anastasio Anaut
Anavitarte Anaya Anaya Anaya Anbessa
Anchel Ande Ander Andera Andere
Andima Andoitz Andolin Andone Andoni
Andre Andre Andre Andrea Andrea
Andreas Andreina Andreo Andres Andres
Andresito Andrew Andrew Andrews Andria
Andrin Andros Ane Aner Anes
Anfous Angarica Angel Angela Angeles
Angelica Angelina Angelines Angelino Angelo
Angosto Anguiano Angulo Angustias Ania
Anibal Anier Anita Anixi Aniz
Anko Ann Annabel Anoro Anquila
Ansa Anselma Anselmo Ansuro Antareo
Anter Antero Antimo Antinio Antoinette
Antolin Anton Anton Anton Anton
Antoni Antonia Antonina Antoninio Antonio
Antonio Antso Antton Antxoka Anxel
Anxelu Anxo Apal Aparicio Apat
Apatriana Apocalypce Apoena Apolo Aponte
Aquiles Aquilino Aquino Araba Arabante
Araceli Aragon Aralar Aralar Arama
Aramar Arana Arana Aranda Arango
Aranguiz Aranguiz Arano Araoz Araoz
Aratz Arbas Arbert Arbidel Arcadio
Arce Arce Archibaldo Archuleta Arcisclo
Arcoiris Ardeny Arelis Arella Arellano
Arellano Arenas Aresti Arevalo Argenis
Argi Argi Argider Argie Argina
Argoitz Arguello Argueta Ariana Ariando
Arias Arias Arie Ariel Arima
Arine Arionel Aristalco Aristeo Aristides
Aritza Arixo Arlo Armanda Armando
Armas Armendariz Armenta Armijo Arnaitz
Arnal Arnaldo Arnalt Arnas Arnau
Arnoldo Arnulfo Aroex Arotza Arquellio
Arrats Arredondo Arriaga Arrosko Arroyo
Arroyo Arsenio Artal Artaldo Artemio
Artizar Artizar Arturian Arturo Artzai
Artzeiz Arxel Arximiro Arythan Asa
Asa Ascencio Ascencion Ascencion Ascension
Asentzio Asier Asteri Astigar Astor
Astur-M Asur Atarrabi Atarratze Atauri
Atc Atencio Athalia Atilano Atseden
Atze Atzo Auderico Augstin Augustina
Augustine Augusto Aura Aurea Aureliano
Aurelio Aurelius Aureo Auria Aurken
Aurora Aurre Austin Austine Auxkin
Avalos Avaret Avegain Avellano Avila
Aviles Axier Axular Aya Aya


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