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Balanced Name Comments

"I cannot tell you enough about how the Kabalarian Philosophy has influenced my life and made me a more confident person. I've lost all fear, inhibitions, mental blocks. I am now the master of my destiny. Since my Balanced Name change I do not hesitate to do what is best for me. In other words, I like me. I could not say that before. I was my own worst enemy. Although I've not reached all of my goals, I'm optimistic I will get there, as I am open and receptive to receive all good in my life. Anything negative has fallen by the wayside. I strongly recommend Kabalarian Philosophy for anyone who is searching for harmony, peace and happiness. It is so easy to achieve these through the Kabalarian Philosophy. Believe me, I know, for I feel the harmony, peace, and happiness in my life everyday now."

K. M. Vancouver

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"How to do a name change?" may seem a big question but making a name change is one of the most important actions you can take. At this point you may not realize just how much a name change will affect your life but after reading the material on this site, we hope you will see a name change in a new light. If you have said to yourself, "I want to change my name", this site will help you to do it so you gain the most benefit.

Consider these steps when making this important decision on a change of name:

  1. Read the brief analysis of your first name and call us for a free brief analysis at 1-866-489-1188 on your full names. Click here for details and access times.
  2. Order a free written Name Report on your current name or name you are considering. Click here for details.
  3. Watch and read the testimonials on the benefits of a Balanced Name.
  4. Order your Name Change package below which includes a full Name Report and Balanced Name Recommendations.
  5. In consultation with us, choose a new name from the selections of recommended balanced names we will prepare just for you

  7. Make a legal change through your vital statistics department in your state or province.

Our comprehensive Balanced Name Recommendation service will help you in the selection of a new name. Our organization has over 80 years experience in making name recommendations and has helped thousands of people.

What Will a Balanced Name Do?

  • Harmonize Your Thinking
    Your choice and use of a Balanced Name will harmonize your thinking with the natural qualities of your birthpath / inner potential.
  • Enhance Strengths
    A Balanced Name creates mental strengths without losing any of your current positive characteristics, qualities, and abilities. In fact, a Balanced Name will enhance your already established strengths.
  • Channel Your Purpose
    Like grafting a beautiful rose stem on to a robust rootstock to produce a better rose, the new name will allow you to channel your purpose in life (measured from your birth date) into new outlets that will bring greater accomplishment, fulfillment, and contentment into your life.
  • Create Greater Success
    A Balanced Name will create greater stability and success in your financial affairs and projects.
  • Diminish Weaknesses
    Through the use of a Balanced Name weaknesses that are inherent in your current names will diminish. If your current names create lack of confidence, you will grow past this weakness as you become more confident by using your Balanced Name. If your present names create discontent, you will lose this weakness and become happier. If your names create an over-emotional nature, you will move past this weakness as you gain greater stability and self-discipline. You become happier, healthier, and more successful.

Types of Names We Recommend

  • When ordering a Balanced Name Recommendation we look at your current names to see if we can make a modification (if possible) to your present names as well as other choices that will create a Balanced Name for you.
  • In the Balanced Name Recommendation the name choices that are created for you are a compilation of common names, spelling modifications of common names, and other unique and different names.
  • Cultural Name Options
    If you require a Balanced Name from a specific cultural background we will work with you to create your Balanced Name around this request.

  • Family Last Names
    For families ordering Balanced Name Recommendations we will also work with you so each family member can use the same last name.

This service includes:

Balanced Name recommendations
  • choice of 50 to 75 first names
  • choice of 50 to 75 last names
  • spelling modifications of current names where possible
Signature recommendations
  • best business signatures to ensure stability and success in your business projects and affairs
  • best personal signatures
Analysis of the Balanced Names recommended for you
12 months of on-going consultation support to help you through the process of changing your name
  • help in choosing names from the recommended lists
  • we work with you until you find the name that you are comfortable with and is balanced to your inner potential
  • practical advice on the steps and how best to establish your new balanced names based on our over 80 years of experience
Balanced Name Certificate issued from our office after you have confirmed your selection of first and last names and signatures
3-month Cycle Chart (based on your date of birth) to take you to the next level of high-powered time management planning

Still unsure about a name change?

Using a Balanced Name is one of the most important actions you can take. At this point you may not realize just how much a Balanced Name will affect your life. Consider these steps when making this important decision on using a Balanced Name:

  1. Read and evaluate your Name Report and call us with your questions or to clarify any part of your report at 866-489-1188.
  2. Read the article "Top 12 Questions on Making a Name Change to A Balanced Name".

  3. Read some of the testimonials on the benefits of a Balanced Name.


Phone consultation and support

There are many nuances and subtleties to the influence of your names and your inner potential that can be best explained through one-on-one discussion. To expand on and to answer any questions on your Balanced Name Recommendation or the recommended names you receive, phone for a consultation with one of our Balanced Name specialists. As well, you receive free on-going phone support for any further questions you might have for 12 months.


Privacy and Confidentiality Assurance

We know you are trusting us with your personal information. We take this responsibility very seriously. Your name and birthdate information is kept totally confidential and is used only in preparing your Balanced Name Recommendation. The Society of Kabalarians does not sell, trade, exchange, disclose, or distribute your personal information or email address in any way whatsoever.

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Kabalarian Staff

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We hope you take this opportunity to look into the powerful positive effect a Balanced Name will have on every aspect of your life. Our entire staff at the head office of the Society of Kabalarians is ready to be of assistance in any way, so please give us a call at 866-489-1188.
Lorenda Bardell - President
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