3. What other factors, besides the balanced baby names, are important?

There are many more principles that the Kabalarian Philosophy offers. These include the understanding of the cyclic rhythms of time that influence your child day by day. This is an incredibly useful tool for planning and managing your child's activities. In addition, the simple and practical principles of health are taught to insure optimum health for your baby.

The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches the understanding of how to gain mental freedom. Many challenges in married life are related directly to the degree of mental freedom developed by the parents. Emotional turmoil and mental tensions can be very destructive to an infant. The more you understand the keys to developing greater mental freedom, the happier and more constructive is the family environment you can create for your infant. Remember Mind is an energy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Baby Names

Explore how your baby name choice will affect the thinking, health, success and future happiness of your baby:

  1. Why should the baby names you choose be balanced baby names?
  2. Why should I not choose my baby names from the sample names on your site?
  3. What other factors, besides the balanced baby names, are important?
  4. Why does a baby respond to a name?
  5. Do you have to balance both the first name and the last name?
  6. Can a balanced baby name cure sickness in a baby?
  7. How do baby names create mind?
  8. Why are many of your baby name summaries for different names worded exactly the same? Is this a mistake?

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