10. Is this teaching compatible with my religion?

The Kabalarian Philosophy is compatible with the universal interpretations of all religions.

What is the universal interpretation of Christianity, for example? We interpret the teachings of Jesus to represent the personal responsibility of every human to express his or her inner potential of Christ Consciousness (or Universal Consciousness), which is seeded in every human being at the first breath.

What is Universal Consciousness? It can be thought of as the understanding and application of the physical, mental, and spiritual laws, manifesting as wisdom. This wisdom is attainable by everyone through mental growth, or evolution of concept.

Every parable and story in the Christian Bible has an esoteric and significant meaning to better understand the process of mental evolution to wisdom. If these deeper meanings are not understood, the Bible becomes limited to a history of personality and events. If we interpret the inner meanings of these stories, aspects such as the the various parables or the days of creation in Genesis are very significant not as literal truths but as aspects of the principles of mind. The Book of Revelation is understood only through mathematical symbolism.

The teachings of Jesus are not limited to a time and place two thousand years ago. The principles taught are as significant today as they will be five thousand years in the future. For humanity to evolve, the principles of mental evolution are the keys to fulfilling the purpose of all religions. All religions strive to teach man his spiritual responsibility for mental evolution, but differ in their approach by their interpretation of this process. We conceive that this process is accomplished by understanding the laws of life, and applying them to attain wisdom.

Would not Jesus agree that his teachings are to help people become more universal in concept, expressing the constructive qualities of mind so that the wisdom of Universal Reason is expressed into their everyday life? How is this possible by belief alone? It requires an understanding of the principles of how Christ Consciousness is established. These principles are hidden in symbolism throughout the Bible. These principles are not the sole property of any one religion, but the wisdom that all seek. If you seek, you will find... You must put forth the effort in seeking wisdom.

We understand the significance of the esoteric teachings of Jesus, and we teach these principles in a practical and basic manner for all to understand and benefit. We strive to recognize the universal potential in all people for we are "One breath, one Life, one God."

It is not just a coincidence that the Bible says the "Word is God". The word symbolizes language, the vehicle for Consciousness. How else can you express mentally except through language? To understand how to make the “Word with God” in your life is not simply an act of faith, but it requires the act of creating mental balance. This is accomplished through understanding the mathematical principles of mental balance as taught in Kabalarian Philosophy.

Frequently Asked Questions - Baby Names

Explore how your baby name choice will affect the thinking, health, success and future happiness of your baby:

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  10. Is this teaching compatible with my religion?
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