11. How do baby names create mind?

In the English language, A is always in the first position, B in the second, etc...The intelligence of the English language depends upon the mathematical consistency of this order. What people fail to conceive is how this mathematical order relates to human intelligence.

Thinking operates using language. You cannot think without it. Try picturing something in your mind - and you will find that you understand it only with the words attached to the elements of the image. Therefore thinking and language are intertwined to the point of being inseparable.

So what is the most important word in your language to you? The answer is: your name. It is the part of our language that we consistently associate with our identity. Who are you? You are your name.

We can reduce any name to a mathematical formula based upon the sequence of the letters in the alphabet. The numbers in this name formula represent a unique relationship that combines qualities of intelligence in a specific pattern that is predictable and consistent. That is why we can describe personality with name.

A metaphor to visualize this process is that our mind is similar to a movie projector where the light of abstract intelligence shines through onto the screen of our life. The focusing lens in the projector is the Mathematical Principle of name. A Balanced Name™ focuses the light of intelligence so that the images are clear and sharp. A name not harmonized to the inner potential from the date of birth creates a blurry and unfocused image.

The mechanics of mind are much more involved. But for the purposes of this brief introduction, the Mathematical Principle of name relates qualities of intelligence in the mathematical formula of your name. It is the key to understanding how Consciousness comes into form. This relationship of mathematics, language, name, mind and Consciousness is the key to understanding your thinking, your urges, the experiences you attract, your successes or failures, your communication style, your relationships with others, your limitations, your tensions, your aptitudes, and your mental weaknesses.

Frequently Asked Questions - Baby Names

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