14. Can a balanced baby name influence health?

Absolutely. Can it do it as quickly as changing your name? Sometimes it can. It depends largely on the circumstances of the illness and its cause. In other words, a name not harmonized to the inner potential from the date of birth, can be a hidden factor in the cause of ill health. If it has taken 20 to 30 years of incorrect living habits to create a health crisis, it is illogical to expect a name change to produce instant health. If you put forth reasonable effort learning and applying the basic principles of health, balanced thinking, and the elimination of tension, you would have gone a long way in your pursuit of complete and vital health. You do not get something for nothing, but a Balanced Name™ can be the first step in creating healthier circumstances

A Balanced Name™ does balance your thinking pattern, which, in turn, allows the inner nature greater expression. This is very significant to health, and difficult for you to completely comprehend. When the constructive qualities of your inner potential are not developed, some degree of tension develops. The balance of the name is the key to developing these inner qualities. Consider a radio station with constant static interfering with your musical enjoyment. The same is true with your thinking. A name not harmonized to the inner potential from the date of birth creates tensions which interfere with your degree of relaxation, happiness, and contentment. This does create an impact upon the health of the body.

We teach a very practical way of understanding the physical health through our Healthy Living course. It includes a basic understanding of the link between name and health in much more detail.

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